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Purpose of this meeting: Big picture progress and plans of the apps program components and identification of issues that need alignment.

For dial-in info, see this page.


  1. Status Updates
  2. Q3 Goals Review
  3. Basecamp Milestones
  4. ...

Status Updates

Product Development (Engineering, QA, Security, UX)


News on payment plans, implementation, and legal/financial across B2G, Android, and Desktop


Updates on the identity integration with Marketplace and apps


Core Marketplace product and feature updates, release readiness

  • UX - Working on designs for developer stats and Vivo "store within a store" alternatives.
  • UX - Exploring keynote prototypes for trying out apps within the Marketplace.
  • UX - Bram will start helping with UX on the developer side, starting with going over submission flow.

Firefox OS

B2G product updates concerning apps, release schedule updates

  • Jonas has a draft plan for updating 3rd party packaged apps.

WebRT (Desktop & Android)

WebRT updates and readiness for upcoming milestones

  • WebRT android team continues triaging and fixing bugs from the recent TestDay
  • no work on WebRT desktop at present

Apps in the Cloud

Latest on app sync

  • Harald continues implementing BrowserID service on Android as a prerequisite for AITC on Android.

User & Developer Engagement

Business Development

Progress towards regional app goals and feedback from partners


Go to market planning and merchandising updates

Developer Experience

Plans and progress in developer ecosystem, tutorials, and app lifecycle tools

App Review & Content

Current status of apps in the Marketplace and policy updates

  • WIP: 5 slides highlighting review requirements and responsibilities for each class of app (certified system apps, preinstalled, short tail, long tail)
  • WIP: Specific minimum requirements and recommendations for security, content, functionality, and usability. Targeting making this doc public in October.
  • Open question: delivery requirements to preinstall apps?
  • Open question: how to align with "adult" content in Vivo store? (think Playboy, not Hustler) Have requested a copy of their app acceptance criteria.



Support plan updates

  • Marketplace/Apps support coordinated with Firefox OS support.


SLA reports and progress towards operational readiness

Action Items