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Welcome to Armenian localization team home page

For the moment we are translating Firefox, Thunderbird, Firefox Mobile and to set up the procedures to do this.

The l10n Armenian team members page, follow this link L10n:Teams:hy-AM



Choose your role

Role table
Translator If you just want to translate into Armenian, consider yourself a Translator and follow this link.
Developer If you believe that you can do more than just translate or you want to know how the process works, you are a Developer and you should follow this link
Stakeholder If you want to know the status of th Armenian localization process you are a Stakeholder and you should read the news section of this same page and the Armenian L10n - General

To get support by the l10 team

Support table
Weekly status The l10n people have created a weekly status page that shows how the whole project goes
Mozilla Dev l10n Google Group (I believe it's a mirror of; You can use ThunderBird or Outlook to receive the message)
IRC channel L10n has an IRC channel #l10n in which you can see people like Axel and others.