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Source code

Current version: 1.2

1.0 (SUMO 2.2.5)

  • Allows users to sign in via Twitter OAuth and reply to tweets
  • Shows 20 most recent tweets about Firefox that pass these filters:
    • No retweets
    • No replies (tweets that start with @)
    • No tweets that contain a URL (design to remove all news articles + blog posts)
  • Reply window shows dynamic signpost messages

1.1 (SUMO ~2.2.7)

  • Target launch: 1st week of November
  • Mock up (bug 602392)
    • Note: New SUMO template, sidebar stats, and replies are not part of 1.1
  • Link timestamps to tweet permalink (bug 606331)
  • Link usernames and profile pictures to page (bug 606337)
  • Infinite scrolling: load additional tweets when user scrolls to bottom of page (bug 606342)
  • Filter out tweets from @fx4status (bug 606397)
  • Static links added to the sidebar that help volunteers look up solutions to issues (bug 606345)
  • Add SUMO search box to sidebar (bug 607667)
    • Serves similar purpose to the static links feature from above

1.2 (SUMO ~2.3.2)


  • Indicate which replies the user has replied to recently bug 612929
  • Keep recent replies in database bug 612931
  • Show how many responses each tweet has and which user responded first bug 612935
  • Show replies to tweets on the page when a user clicks on the original tweet's number of replies. Users can respond to any of these messages. bug 612943

Stats sidebar

  • Data: updated hourly, pulls data from metrics DB (will need to coordinate this with Metrics)
  • Show tweet activity summary bug 612952
  • Show top 16 contributors in sidebar bug 612960
  • User can change period for stats + top contributors bug 612964

Tweaks + bug fixes

  • [P1] Sign out button shouldn't redirect user to blank page bug 612969
  • [P1] Add Sign in button to left of Refresh button bug 612974
  • [P1] Filter out tweets from @MilaPrila bug 617095
  • [P1] Show two significant digits for response rate bug 617109
  • [P2] Allow users to stay signed in longer bug 613084
  • [P2] Clicking on a user's image in the reply window should open the profile in a new tab bug 612977
  • [P2] Clicking on a twitter username in the reply window should open the profile in a new tab bug 612979
  • [P2] Add timestamp with link to status permalink in reply window bug 612983
  • [P2] Disable the Send button while it's sending and show the spinner as on the "refresh" button bug 617363
  • [P3] Selecting text of a tweet in tweet list shouldn't trigger the reply window or sign in overlay bug 612985
  • [P3] Be able to collapse a category in the reply window after opening it bug 612987

1.3 (SUMO 2.4.3)


  • Localize the page and signpost messages bug 623340
  • Outstanding questions:
    • Do we want contributors to be able create their own set of signpost messages?
      • If not, what happens when we add/edit/delete English messages?
    • Do non-English users want to see tweets in their locale + English?
      • If so, how do we choose a balance of English and localized tweets since there's a higher volume of English tweets?

1.4 (SUMO 2.6, 1 March 2011)

Flag tweets bug 624464

  • Allow any user (logged in or not) to flag a tweet as not needing a response so it is removed from the default view for all users who refresh the tweet list.
    • UI design: "X Delete" appears in bottom right of each tweet when that tweet is hovered over. Clicking Delete removes removes the tweet from the list and sends a request to the database for the tweet to be flagged.
    • Flagged tweets can be viewed by changing the filter to All Tweets (depends on Filter By being implemented)

1.4.1 (TBD)

Filter tweets bug 624472

  • Implement Filter By feature that allows user to change which tweets appear:
    • Recent tweets (default: current view)
    • Unanswered tweets (tweets that don't have a reply)
    • Answered tweets (only tweets that have a reply)
    • All tweets (includes flagged tweets)

1.5 (Q3?)

Draft-template-image.png THIS PAGE IS A WORKING DRAFT Pencil-emoji U270F-gray.png
The page may be difficult to navigate, and some information on its subject might be incomplete and/or evolving rapidly.
If you have any questions or ideas, please add them as a new topic on the discussion page.

[DONE] Banner box on SUMO [P2]

  • Create banner box on SUMO articles for users coming from Army of Awesome links on twitter (bug 594813)

Complete page redesign [P3]

  • bug 606318 and bug 617408 are carryovers from 2.3.1 and still need to be completed
  • This includes updating the styling for the header/intro text, removing the nurse image, new 1-2-3 bubbles with background gradient, updated side navbar menu items, and the sidebar block

Other fixes and enhancements

  • Remove links for username and profile picture in the list view [P2]
    • Clicking these should trigger a reply
    • This effectively backs out the changes in bug 606331 and bug 606337
  • Update response % calculation and total tweets for the stats sidebar
    • We've found that the response % and total tweets don't accurately reflect how many tweets should be replied to and a more appropriate number increases our response % quite a bit. The exact change to the calculation is still being figured out but it should just be a 1-2 line fix in the code.
  • Collect and show tweets that include the word "Mozilla" [P3]
    • This may require a database change. In future releases, we'd like to filter the tweet list by topic (eg: Mozilla tweets, Firefox tweets, Sync tweets, Panorama tweets)
      • This doesn't require schema changes. If a future release adds that, we might, possibly, make schema changes.
  • Change our user blocklist to be dynamic and updated from the Admin interface [P3]
  • Previous error message appears when replying to a new tweet bug 617221
  • Submit button should be converted to a button element bug 623148

Ideas and suggestions

Add any ideas for enhancements or features here:

For Q2:

  1. Integrate Twitter accounts with SUMO logins [P1]
  2. Let people retweet awesome Firefox tweets [P1]
  3. Filter by topic (user selects keyword - eg: beta, crash, mobile) [P1]
  4. Be able to filter or change tabs to view retweets and replies [P2]


  • Let people save their own personal signpost messages (would need SUMO login)[P1]
  • Tie into SUMO karma system
  • Allow soldiers who want to create signposts to use