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Product and Technology Track

This track will focus on the product vision and roadmap for desktop and mobile, as well as single out new initiatives, such as BrowserID, to spark interest in local contribution.

List of talks in this track


Speaker Topic Time Room
Jb Piacentino The State of Thunderbird 13:45 Sakura & Lotus
Soumya Deb The Untold Stories of HTML5 Adventure: APIs 14:00 Sakura & Lotus
Stormy Peters
Intro to Developer Evangelism, MDN, Docs & Talks
Sakura & Lotus
Tony Chung Testing in the new Internet Era 16:45 Sakura & Lotus
Nigel Babu Pick Yourself Up Out of the Gutter and Use Vagrant 16:00 Orchid & Dahlia


Speaker Topic Time
Siddharth Agarwal Building Your First Thunderbird Extension 14:45
Irina Sandu How to help with mobile using local knowledge - no phone required 15:15
Tim Guan-tin Chien Two Year Report 10:00
Gary Kwong Fuzzing at Mozilla 16:30
Jaclyn Fu Meet Firefox for Android on tablets 11:00
Grace Jimenez The State of Firefox Aurora 14:00
Grace Jimenez & Choffman Firefox in the new Development Cycle World 16:30