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Dial in

 # When:     Every Monday at 8:45am PDT/PST
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:    650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #           1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:      irc://
 # IRC logs:


  • Attendees:
    • Dave, Andrei, Daniela, Andreea, Rob, Adrian, Henrik, Cosmin, Otilia
  • Chair: Henrik
  • Notes: Andreea

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER] Henrik - Start a thread on the public list to collect ideas for the show and tell
  • [DONE] Henrik - Develop patch/update to only enable Mozmill restarts and not user-initiated restarts
    • Not sure what this entry was about, but I'm not going to fix that for 2.0. The bug has been filed btw.
  • [CARRY OVER] Dave, Rob - Discuss gaia-ui tests, autolog, heuristics and html reports


  • [henrik] Due to the constant failures in submitting Mozmill test results to iriscouch we have been moved to a new server. Big thanks goes to Jason Smith from IrisCouch for his ultra-fast response and action!
  • [henrik] About to fix a major bug in jsbridge which leds to dataloss when sending too much data. See bug 764640.
  • [dave] First passing Travis-CI build for Gaia UI tests on desktop build!
  • [dave] HTML report for Gaia UI tests finally available!
  • [dave] Gaia UI tests are now running (and passing!) in TBPL against the Cedar branch
  • [dave] b2gpopulate 0.8 released with support for call history and MMS messages
  • [dave] b2gperf 0.5 released
  • New blockers, any updates?
    • bug 892928 - b2gperf is failing to gather FPS measurements on mozilla-central builds
    • bug 893693 - TypeError: IccHelper.removeEventListener is not a function
  • You can find all blockers here:


  • [Andreea] Bug Priorities
    • P1 - critical, constant failures, important enhancements (regressions, tests that fail constantly. I'd say even if skipped)
    • P2 - mozmill 2.0 blocker (if release is approaching, this can take higher priority in order to finish in time)
    • P3 - not that often failures, medium enhancements
    • P4 - new tests - the ones needed by the QA team have higher priority
    • P5 - refactoring, small enhancements
    • Dependecies take the blocking bug's priority
  • [henrik] Do we want to make use of github releases instead of uploading versions to pypi directly?

Goals Overview

Project Updates

Gaia UI (Dave)

  • Goals progress:
  • See highlights

WebAPI (Rob)

  • Submitted patch to fix two WebTelephony WebAPI failures

WebRTC (Henrik)

  • In process to get the datachannel framework backported - currently blocked by try outage
  • Most likely working on two or three other enhancements

Games Benchmarking (Rob, Joel, BC)

  • [rwood] Working on getting speedtests running on Firefox OS

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Goals progress: Mozmill 2.0 releases
  • Fixed:
    • bug 882068 - Test failure "linkId.getNode(...) is null" in testSessionStore/testUndoTabFromContextMenu.js with Mozmill 2.0
    • bug 887315 - Mutt test window_focus.js fails with: "Windows have maintained their order - '[3,31,41]' should equal '[3,41,31]'
    • bug 887258 - Disable new tab preloading preference in mozmill 1.5
    • bug 890883 - Test failure due to timeout when trying to find the Find Bar in testFindInPage
    • bug 889314 - Update the restartless.xpi addon to be compatible with AMO. Set maxValue to a valid value instead of "*"
    • bug 891842 - Test failure 'Expression "{"anonid":"findbar-textbox"}" returned null. Anonymous == true' in testFindInPage.js
    • bug 892946 - Test failure in testFindInPage due to the fact that the find bar was moved to the top
    • bug 892388 - Create a clone of restartless.xpi for uploading to AMO with an end user license agreement
    • bug 763461 - Mozmill tests for cut-off elements should not report failure for scrollable direction
  • Working on:
    • Daniela/Cosmin
      • bug 885221 - controller.waitForPageLoad() failures with mozmill 2.0 due to closeAllTabs method opening about:newtab instead of about:blank
      • bug 880135 - Test failure "The tab with index '1' has been selected" in testOpenInBackground.js
      • bug 684801 - Timeout failure in /testTabView_SwitchTabs/test1.js | TabView is still open.
    • Andreea
      • bug 795398 - Mozmill test to check that MD5 hash signatures are no longer accepted
      • bug 880417 - Create user interface shared module for metro
      • bug 853005 - Update automation script should exit with a non-zero exit code if unable to get update channel
    • Mario
      • bug 874394 - [Australis] Test failure in '/testAwesomeBar/testPasteLocationBar.js' due to the urlbar-container not being found
      • bug 835296 - Add test that installs an addon with EULA directly from
      • bug 835383 - Add test that installs an addon without EULA directly from
      • bug 835132 - Test failure "Current domain name matches target domain name" in /testSearch/testSearchSelection.js
    • Andrei
      • bug 888196 - Memory increase in endurance testsruns on Win 8 (since June the 16th) - running more endurance tests on SCL
Waiting for review/Feedback/Need info
Bug number Status Requestee Requester Bug Subject
bug 489474 Review Henrik Andreea Write automated tests for user generated video controls
bug 800872 Review Henrik Andreea Test failure "Window number '1' has been opened" in endurance/testTabbedBrowsing_OpenNewWindow/test1.js
bug 786306 Review Henrik Mario Restart tests logic
bug 732353 Feedback Henrik Daniela Disable all Discovery Pane tests due to unpredictable web dependencies
bug 799149 Review Henrik Daniela Add mozmill test to ensure that there are no conflicts in context menu access keys.
bug 791634 Review Henrik Daniela Make waitFor() method available in the assertions module (also for soft assertions)
bug 871441 Feedback Henrik Daniela Focus inside the select method is not set properly on the menulist
bug 886811 Review Henrik Andrei Use controller.restartAppplication() instead of controller.startUserShutdown() for mozmill-2.0
bug 838192 [Pull Request] Review Henrik/Dave Andrei Add screenshot functionality to assertion module
bug 599290 Feedback Henrik Cosmin Update SoftwareUpdateAPI to support complete relocation to the about dialog
bug 874393 Feedback Henrik/Dave Mario [Australis] Update SoftwareUpdateAPI to support complete relocation to the about dialog

Mobile (Robocop)

  • Progress on Robocop Automation
  • Bugs with work in progress:
    • bug 820859 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear Private Data'
    • bug 830834 - Robocop: Add test for 'Show Search Suggestions' feature
    • bug 836341 - Robocop: Add test for "Clear download history"
    • bug 869277 - Intermittent testAddSearchEngine | The number of search results has increased - got 5, expected 10
    • bug 854043 - Intermittent testWebContentContextMenu | Verify that the download started - The download started
  • Bugs awaiting integration:
    • bug 888277 - Robocop: Add test for Private Browsing
  • Bugs recently integrated:
    • bug 886299 - Intermittent testShareLink | Exception caught - junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: The text: Share is not found!
  • Issues
    • Because of bug 891889 - Only running 2 of 3 chunks for Android 4.0 robocop - we can't integrate any new tests since they are not run on the tryserver
    • I was unable to build the armv6 version in order to debug bug 869277 - the testAddSearchEngine intermittent fail - logged a new issue: bug 893759 - Unable to build armv6 on linux x86_64 from the latest m-c sources
    • The implementation of the new multipage about:home on mobile will most likely cause a need to rewrite most of the tests

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

Action items

  • [CARRY OVER] Henrik - Start a thread on the public list to collect ideas for the show and tell
  • [CARRY OVER] Dave, Rob - Discuss gaia-ui tests, autolog, heuristics and html reports
  • [NEW] Henrik - talk to Clint about next quarter goals
  • [NEW] Andreea - start a mail thread about the bug priorities