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  • Copy this into etherpad and take notes
  • Introductions
  • B2G Overview
  • Marionette overview/status
  • Eideticker overview/status


Scope of B2G work

B2G will be able to handle various kinds of software and we'll need to be able to adapt to whatever the future may bring. Need to make B2G viable and we should be able to makelong term support of whatever is required for B2G easy and managable.

Problems that arise

  • Fennec will already be running by the time B2G starts, so this breaks the way our harnesses currently work. This forces us to move automation into the platform itself.
  • Selenium, mozmill & browser-chrome should be supported via Marionette
  • JSON wire protocol?
  • Building B2G requires heavy infrastructure that we can't handle at the moment. We need to be able to handle Garrett patches and Git for building. <-- both us, releng and Linaro (there are minutes regarding meetings between us and Linaro here: there are more of them than just this one, but I can't find a table of them)
  • link to repo? garrett?


  • Uses remote debugger interface to send user interaction events to Gecko.
  • Gecko support of WebDriver:
    • working with event queues brings up security problems, and they need to be resolved
  • w3c testing group:
    • leaning toward WebDriver
  • Goal is to get Marionette running and working with Eideticker at least. Responding to events that eideticker needs for its tests
  • [IDEA] maybe its a good idea to have one person/fireteam developing marionette and another person/fireteam testing it


A means of performance testing. Captures video of the test and compares responsiveness.

  • Ideally use existing performance testing framework: Talos (It loads webpages and tests how long it takes to render). Want to extend it with video capture.
  • JSbridge for sending and receiving JSON
  • With Marionette we can move away from just the webpage level, and expand to other capabilities.


  • Start browser and load webpage test
  • Start browser, do interactions and close (Tuser test) (interactions being click and type)
  • Marionette should have enough capability to handle this at the end of the quarter

Last Meeting

  • None

Next Steps

  • Contact Jim Blandy regarding multiplexing our protocol over the debugging socket.