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August, 16, 2012 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


  • vidyo: TOR-5N spadina

Backchannel #ateam on

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Action items from last time

Review current activities

Continuous Integration

  • [jgriffin] Need to get b2g builds against m-i. Can either:
    • Get a bunch of new VMs running in jenkins and run against every commit m-i.
    • Get releng to build b2g emulators on each commit to m-i. Problems are:
      • will the releng vms work?
      • how will releng keep the toolchains/blobs?
  • [jgriffin] Sherriffing on hold still, networking issues with autolog
  • [jgriffin] Jobs for gaia unit tests are running, but failing. There seems to be bugs in the framework, reported to James Lal


  • [ahal] worked on bug fixes, enabled remote xul, so more tests are running.
  • [ahal] working on OOP support



  • [mdas] pushed a few changes to mozdevice, need to push the b2g management helper to mozdevice when I finish the eideticker work.
  • [mdas] very close to getting all tests going, running into an issue where the test doesn't complete all the gestures.


  • [mihneadb] all functions work but push and pull (requires socket code)
  • [mihneadb] no reboot support yet, we need a way to start the agent on boot:
    • android way doesn't seem to work out, and emulator doesn't read the rc file, will try on the pandaboard

Automated Tests

  • [rwood] worked on tests for two calls at the same time, and putting calls on hold
  • [rwood] filling in missing csses for call transition state tests


Actions for next time