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August 30, 2012 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


  • vidyo: TOR-5N spadina

Backchannel #ateam on

Take meeting notes here:


  • Review the Action Items & Bugs

Action items from last time

Review current activities

  • [mdas] got benchmark ideas, but haven't had the chance to assess them fully. Will do that after eideticker dashboard work.

Continuous Integration

  • [jgriffin] additional mochitests were added, but they're failing due to timeouts
  • [jgriffin] will work on getting the gecko update server going


  • [ahal] triaging bugs


  • [jgriffin] tbpl changes need to be deployed.


  • [mdas] can run update-dashboard for b2g, but the dashboard doesn't present the data yet. Will look into it.
    • [mdas] would like to add more b2g specific tests to get better fps benchmarks, since we don't have zoom, then most of the fennec tests aren't represented correctly. Thinking of things like swiping on the homescreen, crystal skull (?)


  • [mihneadb] found a bug and the cause re: buffers/sockets, but not sure how to fix it. Asking for help from mcote/ctalbert
  • [mihneadb] commands work, but the devicemanagerSUT's pipelining has to be updated (doesn't handle leftover buffer data)

Automated Tests

  • [rwood] focussing on preparation for the MozCampEU session that Henrik and I are facilitating (automated test development for B2G via the emulator)


Actions for next time

  • pandaboard automation status?