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MMMMMM DD, YYYY @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


  • vidyo: TOR-5N spadina

Backchannel #ateam on

Take meeting notes here:


  • Review the Action Items & Bugs

Action items from last time

  • Should standardize environment variables we use throughout automation (and document):
    • $ADB, $ADBPATH, $ADB_PATH ? ADB_PATH wins!
    • $B2G, $B2GPATH, $B2G_PATH, $B2G_HOME ? B2G_HOME (matches what B2G build scripts use_
    • Should use what's in testing/ where possible (e.g --xre-path is $MOZ_HOST_BIN)
  • Builder disk space <-- was addressed.sed.

Review current activities

Continuous Integration

  • [jgriffin] Working on the iframe OOP switching bug, getting patch ready
  • [jgriffin] Marionette in TBPL is running but not without hiccups with mozharness, and other build code. Win7 machines are experiencing failures but automatedtester is looking into it.


  • [ahal] Spent too long trying to figure out why reftests don't work oop
  • [ahal] Working on getting the reftest harness to use Negatus



  • [mdas] working on patch reviews now, for mozdevice (devicemanager changes), mozb2g and eideticker.


  • [jgriffin\] will need to find a way to get busybox and sutagent into the releng builds

Automated Tests

  • [rwood] A couple more WebTelephony tests
  • [rwood] Starting WebSMS tests (emulator)


Actions for next time