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Mozbase on Mozilla Central

The test harnesses on mozilla-central should make use of mozbase:

This text is a road map for the initial phase of getting testing on mozilla-central to make use of mozbase. More issues will come up in tackling this initial workload which should be tracked: both in terms of m-c integration and in mozbase bugs and enhancements. Likewise, once these problems are solved vistas will be open to make testing better that will extend the roadmap.

See the meeting page for the 2013Q1 effort:[

Building blocks

A lot of work has already been done to make this possible

Course of Action

See bug 775756 for the tracking bug.

  • move some subset of our python to a top level directory bug 775243
  • move everything that rolls its own json de/serializer to use simplejson: bug 769849
    • we need to figure out *all* the places that we do this and fix them

Other considerations

We should have an automated way of mirroring between m-c and github: Not a blocker to any of the above strictly but something to keep in mind

Mozbase on Mozilla-central, Next

There are several exciting things we can do once the harnesses are on mozbase:

  • adding manifestparser to mochitest: bug 563724
  • add the ability to output failed (or whatever) results to a manifest so that they can be tried again
  • once moztest is finished, the various harnesses should be able to output in whatever format they want