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QA Section

  • Content window handler class has been landed (with ui map support included)
  • Support for Fennec is raising in priority more and more. We need a good strategy on it.

Ateam Section

  • Mozmill
  • Fennec
    • e10s has to be supported first before we can do anything for Fennec
      • messaging between content and chrome
      • content can call chrome only asynchronously
      • chrome can call content synchronously/asynchronously
      • a single content process on fennec - multiple processes on firefox
      • we cannot use the global browser object
    • jsbridge works with e10n turned on
    • we have to get rid of the gBrowser object
    • Andrew is working in a separate responsiveness harness which makes mozmill driver ready for e10s
      • Isolating Mozmill's driver
  • timeline
    • mozmill e10s support by q4 2011