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  • different type of test runs, ceate dashbaord for those
  • 1.4.2 bugs (23 bugs)
  • don't use autocomplete in text boxes? (for running in background)

The .next version

  • recorder will not be able to use shared libraries ... or will it?


    • mozrunner rationalization/ definition - jhammel
      • good definition of derviced vs base class implementation
      • investigate compostiion as an interface mechanism

webdriver (ahal)

  • JSON protcol
  • figuring out how to handle the native events in mozmill
  • how to tie these things together.

coscripter (avarma)

  • how would we tie it in
  • how does recording model work
  • how do they fire events

modal dialog & widget subsuming (ctalbert)

  • fix remaining bugs
  • figure out how to integrate them seamlessly
  • figure out how long it will take
  • find a way to test this.
  • find a way to debug it better - work with the person rationalizing the debugging?

making it easier to debug mozmill tests (harth)

  • might change the way we execute tests?
  • fix the sleep problem to make tests more reliable in the first place
  • come up with a better interface, and way to debug stuff.