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Mozmill Meeting: QA work week bash

Review of 2.0 features

Figure out how to land in m-c for buildbot integration

  • What tests need to go into m-c? Criteria:
  • Does mozmill truly need to live in m-c? Clint's starting that fight on dev.platform right after this note.
    • ideally, all external tests+harnesses would not live in m-c but in an e.g. FTP location

Pluggable reporting - the feature

  • What interfaces need to be exposed to reporting?
  • What data needs to be transferred?
  • What does this API look like?

Currently the API looks like EventHandler: . This class isn't used anywhere, it is just a spec. I have moved on this branch logging and reporting to and respectively. This code does work; we can talk about details in the meeting and see if this is enough or if we want something different.

CLI interface

  • option groups: do we want them? See ; We could split into option groups, one for mozrunner, one for jsbridge, one for mozmill, and one for each mozmill plugin
  • should we consolidate into one command line script? Currently we have mozmill, mozmill-restart, and mozmill-thunderbird; Is there any reason not to do mozmill --restart and mozmill --thunderbird? Note that this will only be a command-line change; underlying logic will be unaffected

Brasstacks issues

  • What needs to change on brasstacks to better support QA?
  • What issues can we resolve, what things do we have to punt on?