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Mozmill meeting

  • 1.5.2 is released \o/
  • Thanks to EVERYONE!

2.0 Status

  • Elements lib refactor
    • we can do a parallel implementation easily, it's necessary so QA has something that will work on 1.5.2.
    • Need to ensure we maintain an ownership semantic
    • Going to call it widget class, should strive to have that part be inside mozmill for 2.0, possibly the "controller"-style methods as well. But the important thing is standardizing on the widget class itself.
    • Net: geo and ahal will get together and have a plan by next week on how to converge the two code paths.
  • Assertion module
    • Already landed in the shared module refactor repo
    • Net: Pull that into 2.0 this week (harth leading)
  • Modal Dialog
    • Need to take this into 2.0
    • Where to put it? Probably on the controller for now, understand we may change that
    • Review syntax for it and make sure it conforms to webdriver spec (that may be 2.1)
    • Net: will investigate this week (unowned)
  • WaitFor
    • There is a lot of disagreement on how to do waitfors
    • Should they be implicit or explicit? We need both
    • Should they cause errors if they fail? We tend to think yes, but that again

is a gray area with a few cases that you may not want to fail.

    • If we need an explicit waitFor (top level, global namespace) then we probably want it to be a top level object i.e. driver.waitFor or waits.waitForFoo -- need to decide that.
    • Net: need a plan here (unowned)
  • Node Collector
    • We took this into mozmill for 1.5.2
    • Sounds like there are improvements to it we should take for 2.0.
    • Some question of how it handles anonymous nodes, may already be solved in new widget classes
    • Net: need to take improvements for 2.0
  • MozmillAsyncTest
    • Used in thunderbird.
    • Going to need to keep this ability even after the test refactor (so that tests can be skipped/interleaved)
    • Test refactoring in general needs to be discussed more widely
    • Net: Need a cohesive plan here (for all test refactoring) (jhammel)