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Mozmill 2 will be the next major release with a mostly complete refactored code base for both Python and Javascript code. It will be shipped with a ton of new features and more reliable and safer code paths.

To track the current work we have added a couple of queries to assist us in managing the release. Details about the work planned in quarter 2013/2 can be found here:


This is a list of all the bugs reports which have to be fixed for Mozmill 2.0:

To only see the open bugs check this query.

Request queue: mozilla-2.0?

ID Summary Priority Status
860669 addon.getNode().getAttribute("active") returns undefined in "lib/addons.js" -- RESOLVED
879491 httpd.js failure causes "TypeError: can't access dead object" in windows.js while running test manifests -- RESOLVED
899965 Test failure "controller.waitForPageLoad(): Timeout waiting for page loaded." in /restartTests/testAddons_installUninstallHardBlocklistedExtension P1 RESOLVED
771511 is not propagated correctly for restart tests and mark tests as passed P1 RESOLVED

Open; Resolved; Total (100% complete)