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At Mozilla we create many great things. In many cases we need to develop tools and automation to improve or make things work better. Sometimes these don't fall into other projects as they are special purpose tools or span across many different projects.

Goals & Considerations

Make things better, prototype and solve a simple problem. Fix things by creating a tool for special purpose or platform.


Big refactoring of harnesses, writing tests, reinventing the wheel.

Dependencies / Who will use this

These projects are open game- the depend on everything in some cases and nothing in other cases. The goal is to build these as simple as possible by reusing other components and assume that all developers, release managers, and developers will use this.

Design and Approach


Milestones and Dates




Getting Involved

Each project will have it's own requirements, click the links below to get basic information about each project. We are actively working on these, and quite possible could use a hand:)