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Name IRC Info core areas of involvement
Vaibhav Agrawal vaibhav1994 Mozillians General Automation (Mochitest), Manifests, Structured Logging, Talos
Carsten Book tomcat ldap, Mozillians Sheriffing, bughunter, plugin checker
Geoff Brown gbrown ldap, Mozillians mobile automation
David Burns AutomatedTester ldap, Mozillians management, w3c, Sheriffing, Marionette, WebDriver, community
Bob Clary bc ldap, Mozillians mobile automation, autophone, bughunter
Mark Côté mcote ldap, Mozillians management, BMO, MozReview, Pulse
Cameron Dawson camd ldap, Mozillians Treeherder, moztrap
Kaustabh Datta Choudhury kaustabh93 Mozillians Alert Manager
Mauro Doglio mdoglio ldap, Mozillians Treeherder, mozreview
Jonathan French jfrench


Maja Frydrychowicz maja_zf ldap, Mozillians platform quality automation
James Graham jgraham ldap, Mozillians w3c, web-platform-tests, Firefox OS Cert Suite
Jonathan Griffin jgriffin ldap, Mozillians management, Marionette, Firefox OS Cert Suite
Andrew Halberstadt ahal ldap, Mozillians general automation, c++ code coverage, mozbase, mozharness
Dylan Hardison dylan ldap, Mozillians bugzilla
Byron Jones glob ldap, Mozillians bugzilla
Wesley Kocher kwierso ldap, Mozillians Sheriffing
William Lachance wlach ldap, Mozillians Perfherder, Eideticker, mozbase, mozregression, general automation, A-team handbook
Kyle Lahnakoski ekyle ldap, Mozillians statistics, performance alerts, dashboards, BMO/ElasticSearch
Dave Lawrence dkl ldap, Mozillians bugzilla
Joel Maher jmaher ldap, Mozillians management, performance lead, general automation, community
Christopher Manchester chmanchester ldap, Mozillians structured logging, general automation
Dan Minor dminor ldap, Mozillians games benchmarking, mobile automation, Firefox OS Cert Suite, Autoland, general automation
Ed Morley emorley ldap, Mozillians Treeherder
Ted Mielczarek ted ldap, Mozillians breakpad, crash reporting, general automation, build system, mozbase, steeplechase, gamepad API
Syd Polk sydpolk ldap, Mozillans Jenkins, steeplechase, WebRTC, general automation, mozdownload, MSE
Andreas Tolfsen ato ldap, Mozillians WebDriver, w3c, Selenium, Marionette, Firefox OS Cert Suite
Henrik Skupin whimboo ldap, Mozillians Firefox Desktop Automation, Marionette, Jenkins, Mozmill
Simarpreet Singh simar Mozillians mozharness
Gregory Szorc gps ldap, Mozillians MozReview, Firefox build system, mach,,, Mercurial
Ryan VanderMeulen RyanVM ldap, Mozillians Sheriffing
Armen Zambrano G. armenzg ldap, Mozillians general automation, buildbot, release engineering
Kendall Libby fubar ldap, Mozillians ops, bmo, dxr, hg, git, treeherder, mxr