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This page is for porting projects management. It should help you to setup a porting project and make it successful. It then list all porting projects by device and progress.

If you are looking for a guide to support a new device, you should check the MDN page Porting Firefox OS.

Setting up a new porting project

Announce your project

The first thing to do is to get in touch with a mozillan responsible for porting, device or that already has port a device. You can do that over IRC channel #fxos and ask for Dietrich Ayala (:dietrich).

Build your project's tools

You can then start by building your device porting project management wiki page as a sub page of the Firefox OS one. You can use the Fairphone one as a reference.

The proposed structure of that page is:

  • Initial project todo list: everything you have to do before starting porting. After building this page that could be:
    • Contact the device maker: coordinate and improve collaboration.
    • Announce your project on the dev-fxos mailing-list.
  • Device targeted: make it clear which one it is, especially if there are different versions, releases, editions.
  • Resources:
    • Project coordinator & evangelist: Provide your name and ways to contact you.
    • Technical lead: if that's not you, please identify who the contact is.
    • Wiki page: link here the page you are creating
    • IRC channel: link here any specific IRC relevant channel. You can find any relevant information on the IRC wiki page.
    • Mozillian group: if you are a mozillian (or became one) you can join/setup a group about this device.
    • Meta/tracking bug: Open a bug in bmo with Product=Firefox OS & Component=General.
    • Porting community page: link to any porting page like XDA-Forums.
    • SUMO thread: if there is one started, list it here.
  • Contributing: Tell others that want to get involved in the project how to.
  • Progress:
    • Starting point: Update the state of the porting or give info about anything that gives a root to your porting project.
    • Bug table: Add a bugzilla table to give an overview of the bugs. Adapt the following code and add it to you wiki page:
$    {
$        "blocks": "1_your_bug_number_2",
$        "include_fields": "id, summary, status, blocks, whiteboard, cf_blocking_b2g"
$    }
  • Other ports: Link to Android, Cyanogen, Ubuntu... ports that could be an helping resource or give the state about porting for this device.
  • Additional information: Add here links to related pages that can't enter other items.

Device info requirements

(More to come soon)


We weclome you involvement in improving this starting guide.

Start porting

To start doing the technical work, you can follow the guide to support a new device on MDN page Porting Firefox OS.

Porting projects

Projects underway

  • Fairphone
  • (More to come: this section is under construction)