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This page describes the efforts we are currently working on about porting Firefox OS on the Fairphone device.

This page is for project management, not for end-user support or code documentation.

Current project actions

To do : ignition

  • Take the FxOS/Fairphone discussion in an other place than Reps mailing list (B2G mailinglist) so porting question can get more/better attention [NicolasWeb]
  • Post something too in xda-developers: it might also be a good place to build a community around the port [NicolasWeb]
  • Contact Firefox OS Device functional team [NicolasWeb]
  • Building project tools:
    • Sumo thread [NicolasWeb]
  • Improve the general porting plan [Dietrich, NicolasWeb]
    • Curate, differentiate, merge & link in Resources the wiki & MDN pages (On Progress)

Last updated : NicolasWeb (talk) 09:44, 20 April 2015 (PDT)

To do: Progress

  • Porting strategy: Needs, time, place & people need to be defined.
  • Porting devs: Target devs that are used to chipset Qualcom 8974.

Last updated : NicolasWeb (talk) 09:44, 20 April 2015 (PDT)

Device targeted



Right now the best is get in touch in the irc channel #fairphone or to send an email to the project coordinator NicolasWeb.

Everybody is welcome !


Starting Point

Fairphone's blog post: We do not yet have any news about possible alternative operating systems available for the next Fairphone, but we have been hearing community interest for this and will share more news in the coming months regarding what software will ship and be supported on the device.

Related bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Blocks Whiteboard Blocking b2g
1229702 [Fairphone] Patch the Fairphone kernel to support SECCOMP filter RESOLVED 1139642 ---
1233685 [Fairphone] Make FirefoxOS booting RESOLVED 1139642 [systemsfe] ---
1236841 Support Lollipop CAF implementation for Bluetooth headers RESOLVED 1139642 ---
1244519 fairphone2 doesn't flash to Phone after successful build. Unsupported device "FP2", can't flash VERIFIED 1139642 ---
1244551 [Fairphone] Make RIL works with dual-sim RESOLVED 1139642 ---

5 Total; 0 Open (0%); 4 Resolved (80%); 1 Verified (20%);


2015-04-17: Mozilla-Fairphone

Other ports

These ports are listed here because that could be ways that make it easier to port then to the Fairphone device.

Other links