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Packaged Apps


Lead Jason Smith (irc: jsmith)
Description Allows for installing, launching, using, and uninstalling of packaged app content.
Project Page Apps
Implementation Status Partially landed, some pieces not implemented yet.
Quality Status Untrusted packaged apps works mostly with some outstanding basecamp bugs and missing implementation pieces. Trusted packaged apps has not landed yet.


  • Testing the lifecycle of a packaged app (i.e. install, uninstall, launch)
  • Testing the content and permissions of a packaged app

Edge Cases

Many of the edge cases in hosted apps are applicable here. The specialized areas are:

  • Reinstalling a packaged app with different app contents
  • Missing content in the packaged app

Signoff Criteria

  • All basecamp blockers are closed
  • All smoke tests and basic functional tests are ran without finding any basecamp blockers


  • Will utilize the marketplace development server to host zip files to be installed on to the Firefox OS device

Test Cases and Results

See the Gaia System Test Log under "Apps" in the packaged apps section to find test cases in relation to packaged apps.

Test Coverage Needed

The following areas will need test coverage, are currently not covered by existing test cases, and are classified as basecamp blocker level:

  • Trusted apps in general
  • Appcache preloading
  • Off-origin navigation from a packaged app
  • Navigation within the web app vs. switching to the browser
  • Permissions management within a packaged app context
  • Reviewing and editing packaged app permissions on device
  • Clearing app cache data for a packaged app

Open Questions

  • How does off-origin navigation work within a packaged app?
  • How does navigation in the web app vs. switching to the browser work in a packaged app?