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The goal of this style guide is to provide rules to write ui-automation code that is clear and effective. It is a fork of this webqa page.

General Disclaimer

As we develop more knowledge some tests might fall behind the standards in this style guide. It can be tempting to want to fix all of the outdated style but in order to keep patches/pulls small (see above!) we are happy to have new and old standards of code sit side by side. As we regularly review and update tests the project will be brought completely up to our current standards.

Or if you prefer, file a Bugzilla issue to have a section of code addressed separately to the job you are doing.

Outside Test Consumers

  • Be aware if you change or remove the Gaia UI test API, that outside consumers might get broken.

Current outside consumers of Gaiatest are:

General Concepts


Python Script Style Guide

Best Practices

Avoiding Duplication

Submission and Review

Further Reading