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Sprint 13 2015-03-23 -> 2015-04-03


  • End of quarter tasks
  • Clean up the runs with xfail/disable



Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Resolution Priority Qa whiteboard
1138505 Improve failure analysis tool to add time-based analysis WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s11, s12, s13]
1138513 Draft of Gaia UI Test harness behavior WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s11, s12, s13]
1138539 Draft process/ownership diagram of current process from build to results WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s13][fxosqa-auto-from-s11][fxosqa-auto-from-s12]
1138540 Criteria document for picking Acceptance tests to automate WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s13][fxosqa-auto-from-s11][fxosqa-auto-from-s12]
1139083 John Dorlus [:Silne30] Implement Brick Verification Test in Python FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-from-s11+, s12, s13]
1145657 John Dorlus [:Silne30] Create View Pattern for use in Gaia Acceptance WONTFIX -- [fxosqa-auto-s12+,s13,s14,s15,s16,s17]
1145875 Geo Mealer [:geo] -- This account is inactive after 2015-07-07 Random tests failing with JavascriptException: TypeError: this.element is null in app://system.gaiamobile.org/gaia_build_defer_index.js line: 2337 or .../app_window.js line:451 FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s12+, s13]
1146909 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Develop Gaia Acceptance: Establish Gaia Acceptance backlog with existing Python UI tests to port FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s13]
1146917 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Port Gaia Integration Python: Division of existing Gaia Integration Python tests by functional team FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s13]
1150537 Johan Lorenzo [:jlorenzo] Document the differences between the raw engineering builds and the ones published FIXED -- [fxosqa-auto-s13+]

10 Total; 10 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Sprint Notes