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Port the existing Gaia Integration Python tests to JavaScript so that they can share View objects and be maintained by functional team owners.

Challenges Addressed

  • UI tests have had no developer support, largely because of Python implementation
  • The product is too unstable for acceptance testing during development phases

The Problem

We currently run a suite of tests on-commit, but they're in Python. This leads to the problems articulated in Develop Gaia Acceptance. They would receive better maintenance if they were in JS, and we'd reduce the number of deployed stacks.

The Solution

Port the tests.



  • [DONE] Division of existing Gaia Integration Python tests by functional team [Johan][1]
  • [MISSED] Propose/add GIP tests to functional team backlogs [John]


  • Work with functional teams to implement agreed-upon tests


Similar to the Assist with Gaia Integration plan we need to make sure that functional teams are willing to take on the ownership.