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Advanced Tips and Tricks:

More Tag Info

  • Whiteboard tags:
    • qa+ : qa needs to track
    • qa- : qa does not need to track
    • qa? : not sure if qa needs to track
    • qa^ : qa believes that this bug needs to be raised in awareness
    • [feedback] : comes from user feedback
  • keyword tags:
    • dev-doc-needed: dev doc needed
    • user-doc-needed: SUMO doc needed
    • dogfood : added for people who submit through the dogfooding program.
    • b2g-testdriver: added for people who submit through the testdrivers program

Base Camp blocking Priorities for Gaia Explained

  • P1 (assigned) - dogfood/smoketest blockers, required feature work for v1 ship, demo blockers, certification requirements, l10n impact, risky or high LOE work, work with long dependency changes
  • P2 - Regressions, security bugs, severe crash/hang bugs, severe usability issues
  • P3 - Less critical stability, stability, and performance bugs that still block v1, less severe usability issues