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Test Plan


This test plan is a test plan for testing new devices and some of the things to look out for. This is a guideline; there may be more to test depending on the feature of the phone.

Design Documentation/Background Research

Listed are the related documentation for testing:

Module Owners



Tips and Tricks for testing:

OS Diagrams

Schedule Milestones

Hardware Requirements

  • A desktop machine capable of running ADB is necessary for testing for getting debug information and flash the device.
  • Mobile device
  • OEM Build

Mobile Device

  • New Device
  • New OEM build

Software Requirements

  • ADB
  • OEM Flashing tool and Driver
  • OS to support OEM Flashing tool and driver


  • smoke test testing
  • target testing for interface between hardware and software
  • Exploratory testing
  • Crash Report Testing

Test Deliverables / Deliverables

OEM build to build; blob to send to releng/dev to update

  • The backup folder is tar/xz'ed and then placed behind a password protected file server to hand off to releng. A bug is created and the sha512 is included in the bug: Ex:
    • tar cvf backup-leo.tar backup-leo
    • xz -ze backup-leo.tar
    • openssl dgst -sha512 <Path/to/file>


We are in the hands of the vendor in order to have vendor fixes.

OEM Build Testing

Build w/ Blob

Note: I found that sometimes without the proper permissions on both ends not all the files will get pulled.

Signoff/Exit Criteria

No major bugs that are on the vendor side.