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Recording User Actions on Device

Since the implementation of Bug 1144103, it has been made possible to use adb screenrecord command on FxOS devices that have kitkat or later build. In python gaiatest, this has been implemented in Bug 1237069.

  • In order to perform video capture, the layers.screen-recording.enabled preference need to be set to True.
  • Then, with the adb installed and the device connected to pc via USB, one can issue a 'adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/<filename>' command to start the recording.
  • Press Ctrl-c to stop recording.
  • Then, pull the captured video file from the device via the command 'adb pull /sdcard/<filename> '

Please note that the maximum recording time is 180 seconds, and currently the FxOS device only supports the framerate of 15fps.

Following bash script automates above steps. Save below script, chmod +x it, and execute to use screenrecord command as well.


# source borrowed from http://adventuresinqa.com/2015/02/04/android-screen-recording-using-adb/

# pull pref, and push pref with screenrecoding enabled if not already present
PREFS_JS=$(adb shell echo -n "/data/b2g/mozilla/*.default")/prefs.js
PREF_LINE='user_pref("layers.screen-recording.enabled", true);'

if [ -z "$1" ]
	echo "Please provide the video filename"
	echo "Pulling preferences: $PREFS_JS"
	adb pull $PREFS_JS

	if grep "$PREF_LINE" prefs.js
	 	echo "Pref is already set."
	 	echo "Pref is not set, setting and restarting..."
	 	echo "$PREF_LINE" >> prefs.js
	 	adb shell stop b2g
	 	adb push prefs.js $PREFS_JS
	 	adb shell start b2g

	# start recording
	adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/$1.mp4 &

	# Get its PID

	# Upon a key press
	read -p "Press [Enter] to stop recording..."

	# Kills the recording process
	kill $PID

	# Wait for 3 seconds for the device to compile the video
	sleep 3

	# Download the video
	adb pull /sdcard/$1.mp4

	# Delete the video from the device
	adb shell rm /sdcard/$1.mp4

	# Kill background process incase kill PID fails
	trap "kill 0" SIGINT SIGTERM EXIT