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Status Highlights

  • [jlorenzo] Cannot attend due to an intern event.
  • [nhirata] mbrandt joined us for 2.1

2.0 Release Update

Note - Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis.

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

   Rocketbar - GREEN
   [nhirata] waiting for land : bug 1026159  [Rocketbar] Grid UX fixes for search app                
   Vertical Homescreen: Red
   Default and only layout changed to 4 column on 273MB => No test coverage at the moment, still waiting for pdolanjski answer.
   FTE tutorial not displayed when upgrading from 1.3 to 2.0 (Homescreen is migrated during that tutorial)
   also affects 1.3 to 2.1 upgrade
   Systems Platform
   Wifi 2.0
   Telephony 2.0
   RED.  blockers
   Testing unblocked, found lots of client side issues, some critical, still not have a full understanding of product health
   Gecko Platform


   [DONE] [jlorenzo] Is testing on Open II a valid verification?
   yes, esp for media
   [DEFER] [jlorenzo] Low memory testing, should we set a date in the release milestone?
   ? - table this for next week?
   [DONE] [mbrandt/nhirata] seed the idea of having a workweek session on avenues of community involvement/helping expose best practices for testing B2G
   1 and done tasks
   have 1 and done tasks to have community track their first time experience of the documentations.
   community help: 
   black box using desktop builds,  ftp gaia gecko, 
   automation desktop builds, 
   how to flash ftp gaia/gecko
   [DONE] - [nhirata] we need to publicly distribute their latest build for flame
   not yet; host providers has not been worked out.  Legal hold up - v123 build
   [DONE] - [jsmith] KK ( Kit Kat - android base version )  for flame?
   we requested for flame partner to package KK gonk for 2.0 : 
   they can work on with chipset vendor; 1.4 one.  It should work for 2.0.
   [DONE] - [nhirata] 2.1 feature assignments: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/spreadsheets/d/12ZPaI64RJ3IH5wrZIe06TL_ti7DwpCa7epDZ60XyRtQ/edit#gid=448334343
   more discussion tomorrow
   [DONE] [marcia] Can we do QA-specific Postmortems on Large 2.0 Features when the release is done - Vertical Homescreen and FMD for example
   Would like to get input from Kate and Johan before they finish their internships, since they both worked on the features as their primary role  Do we have time at the ww to do this?  if not, schedule another call dedicated to post mortem - Yes
   [DONE] [marcia] Can we get people to report back on their experiences at the various work weeks?
   Media team: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/Media-Team-Work-Week-July-2014
   [DONE] [marcia] Can we somehow archive these weekly notes to a wiki like we do for the QA team meeting?
   [DONE] [jsmith] 319 MB Flame change & impacts on existing test needs (e.g. Test Run)
   [DONE] [marcia] FYI - QA Team laptops off for the early part of next week.  who/when will we report smoketest results?
   WW Info - https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Work_Week_July_2014
   [DONE] [nhirata] smoke test results aren't getting to everyone (issue with zimbra server/mozilla issue with outlook mail ids)
   [DONE] [ktucker] when will we switch to base v123?
   for 2.0 : only Sim 2 Only testers
   for 2.1 : v123 version : ( if not more )
   [DONE] [tchung] deprecating the b2g_ril/ builds  (Bug 1042434)

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

This Week Notes

  • [QAnalysts] Move testers over to 319 MB by default
  • [ktucker] Re-test any 273 MB specific failed test cases
  • [pbylenga] Smoketesting moves over to 319 MB
  • [jsmith] Build wikimo format for roundtable meeting & wiki
  • [jsmith] Automation report only qa-b2g - propose to Stephen's team - Carry Over
  • [jlorenzo] Talk to RelMan about using feature-b2g instead of renaming it