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Status Highlights

  • Welcome Greg (garndt)!

2.0/2.1 Release Update

Note - Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis

Features (Organized by Functional Team)


  • [marcia] Base image on smoketest - 2.0 on v122 and 2.1 on v123?
  • [jlorenzo] B2G Smoketests dashboard - round 1
    • Temporary location:
    • Still buggy. 10 known bugs like the color not really representative, the misplaced tooltip or the graphical glitches on the subcharts.
    • Main issues
      • Moztrap database not accessible right now because of a VPN problem
      • Bugzilla Elasticsearch database is not accessible with the official elasticsearch-js client. This prevents the dashboard from being public.
    • Any enhancement?
  • qa-approval flag

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

This Week Notes