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Status Highlights

2.0/2.1 Release Update

Note - Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis

Features (Organized by Functional Team)

  • Communications
    • Message
      • Bug 1026694 - Access to attach button
        • Feature is implemented
        • Test cases created
        • 1st run regression test with this change
      • Bug 1048717 - [Messages][Refresh] Display call button at the header of single recipient thread
        • Create/Update test cases (impact the flow of some exist test cases)
    • Bug 1038179 - Contact app launch latency regressed in v2.0
    • Bug 1038176 - [Meta] SMS app launch latency regressed in v2.0
  • Media
  • Multimedia Platform
  • Performance
  • Productivity
    • Create testcases for 2.1 features
  • Services
    • Find My Device
      • Feature Post Mortem will occur tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific during regularly scheduled FMD meeting
      • Engineering changes: FMD project is transferring over to Mark Mayo and the Cloud team and ggp is moving off of FMD
      • Everyone is focusing on 2.1 now
      • No progress on connectivity bug
      • No progress on poor geolocation with Wifi-only
      • Found a UI bug today in 2.0: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1053500
    • FxA
      • no new blockers for 2.0. Currently two active 2.0 blockers
  • Stream 3
  • Systems Front End
    • marcia started attended the standups this week to get up to speed
    • Homescreen
      • Health: Yellow
        • Bug 1035272 has been move from 2.0+ to 2.1+
  • Systems Platform
    • Bug 985855 - Multi-touch function
      • Feature is implemented
      • Review the existing test cases
      • Start to add test cases and have a try test
    • Bug 1033185 - [Keyboard][User Story] Persian keyboard
    • Bug 1033186 - [Keyboard][User Story] Bosnian keyboard
  • Telephony/Networking
    • NFC
      • Test cases created (1st version), the testing methods for tap-to-go and couponing scenarios are waiting DT's clarification.
      • [2.1] Survey NFC testing equipment for tap-to-go and couponing user stories
  • WebRTC
  • Gecko Platform
  • Devices
    • Create testcases for 2.1 features
  • Graphics
    • created test case for one bug (Bug 989403 - done), and working on other bugs
    • Project Silk testing will involve regression testing and tools from perf team
    • Initial patch for color inversion will land tomorrow (Bug 1016539), will try it out manually, will use image comparison tool to create test cases


  • [jsmith] 2.1 Feature Ownership Reorg
  • [jsmith] Smoketest Blocking Criteria
  • [kglazko] Check out and install Fox Facts (https://github.com/yglazko/fox-facts) for easy access to memory information, build i.d., etc. Show it to contributors and friends! :) Let me know what kinds of features you would want it to have!
    • Richard Pappalardo and I are working on improving Fox Facts and creating a sister app that would post bugs to Bugzilla from a mobile app.
  • [marcia] Daily Smoketest Results
    • Per jsmith's email, they now to go to fxosqa-report-watchlist@mozilla.org.
    • Please subscribe to that watch list if you want to get the daily results.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

This Week Notes