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Status Highlights

  • jlorenzo's internship last week
    • Be back on September 22nd in Paris

2.1 Release Update


  • Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis
  • Indicate whether you are on track, at risk, or will miss FL signoff and why
    • Criteria
      • MozTrap Test Coverage Complete?
      • Smoketests in Your Area Passing?
      • Basic verification of each user story complete?
    • Colors
      • Green - Will meet all criteria firmly by FL
      • Yellow - Might meet all criteria firmly by FL
      • Red - Will definitely not hit all criteria firmly by FL

Features (Organized by Functional Team)


  • Health: *Yellow*
  • Dialer *On track*
    • echang - Create test case for Bug 877971 - The call logs menu doesn't show the call time duration
      • [jlorenzo] FYI: This feature was not committed for 2.1 initially
      • [jlorenzo] FYI #2: It should land by Friday
  • Contacts *at risk*
    • [jlorenzo] None of the features will land by Friday
      • Bug 1026682 [Meta] Support for ICE Contacts
      • Bug 1026690 - Highlight actionable Fields
      • Bug 1026689 - Reduce empty Spaces in apps
      • Back up plan? Eric will handle the QA sign off on Monday
  • SMS *On track*


  • *Green* Ringtones
    • Add New Tones (done)
    • [User story] Transfer ringtones from SD card to ringtones folder (finish review)
  • *Green* Video/Camera/Gallery/Music
    • 3 2.1 blockers, one camera(1058016) and two music (1038162, 1044752)

Multimedia Platform

  • Health: Yellow
  • MSE added back into 2.1 scope, feature landed, but testing risk of being unable to test all parts
    • Bug 1027519 - [Meta][User story] Support MSE on Firefox OS (B2G)


  • Health: On track (green)
    • Quick-to-top (done)
    • Email signature (done)
    • Calendar - Auto changed date/time (done)
    • Email sends in background and auto sends in outbox

Stream 3

Systems Front End

  • Overall Health: Red
    • Way beyond on MozTrap and having issues keeping up with all the changes
  • [Haida] Rocketbar / System Browser
    • 24 open 2.1 feature bugs to land before 9/2
    • Task Switcher has been rescoped for 2.1, and there is a series of news bugs that will now have to be completed
    • Browser2->Browser renaming is verified fixed
    • Expand/Collapse on Rocketbar is partially implemented, but not on the Homescreen which is strange
      • PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED - Needs a lot of work on transitions and visuals
      • [8/26] ai: finishing last functional pieces
    • Bug 1052488: [Rocketbar] Implement opacity/color matching to statusbar
      • [8/26] BLOCKED on UX input

Systems Platform

  • Health: *Green*
  • bug 1033186 - Verify bosnian keyboard done (Just only check KB included)
  • bug 985855 - Verify basic function of multi-touch behaviour
  • Finish creating test cases for 903683, 1023818, 1026098
  • bug 1033185 Persian keyboard - de-scoped for 2.1


  • Health: *Green*
  • NFC
    • DT will help to test MIFARE (bug 979157)(done); NXP will lend us(TPE) MIFARE card reader and give training.
    • Tap-to-pay user story (Target sprint 3)
  • RIL
    • on track


  • Health: *Green*
  • [Storage] Mount and Unmount SD cards (done)
  • Media Transfer Protocol (Target before sprint 3, under review)


  • Overall Health: *Yellow*
  • Most features are scheduled to be ready on Friday. Will need to do sanity check before Tuesday if it gets into the master
    • Bug 1057461 is blocking two feature bugs- 1016539 and 1055891. They have image compare automated test cases
    • Bug 1026271 and 964097 are still in progress. All test cases are ready in moztrap


  • [jsmith] Review feedback on smoketest suite
    • Test Case Additions
      • Notification of missed calls (addition?)
      • Use MMI codes & respond to them (drop?)
      • Unlock with SIM PIN (addition?)
      • Battery charge indicator works as expected (addition?)
    • Test Case Modifications
      • Time limit to complete OTA test case (drop?)
      • Test cases run under pseudo locale (drop?)
    • Test Case Removals
      • FxAccounts smoketest (keep?)
      • Call Log - Missed & All contents display correctly (keep?)
      • FB contact import (drop?)
      • View Gallery photo in fullscreen & check orientation (only viewing gallery photo is smoketest, not rest of the test case)
      • Install and launch Facebook & Twitter apps from Homescreen Search (keep?)
    • We need product managers to provide feedback (front-end product managers)
    • Would we ship an OTA update with this bug or not? <-- criteria
        • Why call out these specific apps? Isn't this covered elsewhere by other tests?
  • [tchung] kitkat builds are finally coming soon! once these are vetted for, we will switch everyone over to v165.

Bug 1055305 - [Flame] Create Kitkat based pvtbuilds for 2.0 and 2.1

  • [Defer] [jsmith] Goals review - https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Goals/2014q3#Firefox_OS
  • [marcia] Please be careful when deleting things in MozTrap
    • In addition to the Test run that was deleted, we found the Camera Test suite had been disabled
  • [geo] Finalizing 2.1 performance acceptance criteria, process for monitoring, etc.
    • Functional teams will be monitoring their own apps -- attached QA should take a lead role
    • Performance will be included in Health Report
    • Results are on http://datazilla.mozilla.org/b2g -- master/flame-319MB is the 2.1 reference
    • Datazilla currently broken for displaying these, will be pushing for a quick fix
    • https://etherpad.mozilla.org/fxos21-perf-criteria has a writeup of the proposed strategy and numbers, as well as FAQs.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [jsmith] Followup with Alison for a health check on ringtones & devices & NFC (done)
  • [jsmith] Followup with Askeing for a health check on stream 3
  • [jsmith] Followup with Gerry for a health check for system platform (done)
  • [jsmith] Get feedback from product on smoketests
  • [jsmith & Peter] Update smoketests based on initial feedback

This Week Notes