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Status Highlights

2.1 Release Update


  • Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis
  • Give a final FL health for how we did against our FL criteria (Green if you made it, Red if you didn't)
    • MozTrap Test Coverage Done?
    • All user stories verified to spec?
    • Smoketests green around your area?

Features (Organized by Functional Team)


  • Dialer, Contacts, SMS: GREEN
    • Change status to Verified Fixed for code landed is confusing for RD, because they are still using this meta to add dependency bugs, and they are not yet resolved.
    • All features are landed
      • Couple blockers
      • Start second test run


  • (Non-Ringtone) GREEN (validated off of 2.1 QA tracking dashboard)
    • small number of new incoming blockers (2~3)
  • Ringtones: GREEN
    • All features are landed
    • 1st full run test for bug 1027995 - [User story] Transfer ringtones from SD card to ringtones folder
      • 2 blockers

Multimedia Platform

  • YELLOW <--- why isnt this RED?
  • MSE
    • The function has to work on Youtube.
    • I will start to test MSE after bug 1036849 is fixed.


  • Green
  • All of user stories are verified complete
    • All most bugs are fixed so far.
    • https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=885110 <-- not moztrap bug, no verification needed by end-user involvement. [Tony] i marked this bug as verified per code inspection.
    • OAUTH implementation needed for 2.1 uplift:
      • Bug 1059100 - [email] Implement XOAUTH2 authentication support for gmail

Stream 3

Tracking Wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/stream3 Bug 989198 r+ today, and target to land it by this week.

Systems Front End

Systems Platform

  • Green
  • All features are landed.
  • Start to test "actionable LockScreen notifications" & "24 hour time format"
  • bug 1033185 - [Keyboard][User Story] Persian keyboard - is de-scope from 2.1


    • All features are landed
    • Start to test bug 979152- [B2G][NFC][User Story]: Tap-to-pay (with HCI event triggering) for payments at Point of Sale
    • All features are landed
      • Start second test run


    • All features are landed
    • 1st full run test for
      • (1) bug 922927 - [Devices][User Story] Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
      • (2) bug 908916 - [Devices][User Story] Recognize unformatted SD card, bug 945642 -[Devices][User Story] Mount/Unmount SD card
      • 6 blockers


  • RED
  • 2 Features not landed (1026271 landed in master), 1 feature landed with a bug
  • Discussed during the driver meeting


  • [Pbylenga] per discussion with Tony stop using b2g-status flags to track Master. Aurora is fine for now.
  • [Tony] Reminder of 2.1 Bug Bash tomorrow! 4pm PST, vidyo room QA
  • [Tony] Still not kitkat builds, Bug 1055305 . v166 image is out now, some can start looking at it
  • [Tony] QA Automation roundtable meeting starts tomorrow (9:30am PST, thursdays)
  • [marcia] Reminder: Now that we have branched, make sure to use the correct terminology in bug comments:
    • Version 34.0a2 -> Aurora/2.1, not Master
    • Version 35.0aq -> Master/2.2

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

[Tony] send a reminder email out to team to participate in their func team triages. DONE

This Week Notes