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Status Highlights

2.1 Release Update

  • 2.1 FC - Oct 10th
    • (also a national holiday in Taiwan)
  • 2.1 Health Dashboard - https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/2.1
  • Each team should identify QA call outs & any blockers on a per team basis
  • Provide a FC health assessment against the following criteria:
    • Have all features gone through a functional test run?
    • Did any risky feature areas get exploratory testing?
    • Were smoketests around your area green for 5+ days?
    • Did each outstanding FC signoff blocker get fixed?

Features (Organized by Functional Team)



Multimedia Platform

  • Health: No update



Systems Front End

Systems Platform

Metrics Testing =

  • Health: Yellow
    • Un-resolved bugs: 9


  • Health: RIL: GREEN
  • Health: NFC: GREEN
    • Blocker: 2
    • Unsolved bugs: 10



  • Health: YELLOW
    • Unverified feature bug: 1 ( Bug 1016539, due to Bug 1066664)
    • Blocker: 4 (3 are Resolved/Fixed)
    • Unresolved Blocker: 1
    • 2.1 noms: 1
    • Graphics team seems to be in training/workweek session.


  • Health: RED
    • Bug 1063066 - [Flame][KK] Bluetooth transfer does not work in Gallery App
    • Bug 1066128 - [Flame][KK] Cannot detect SD card
    • These are full flash KK only


  • [Tony] branch checks have too many iterations. limit it to 3 as a rule of thumb.
  • [Tony] Kitkat changes and gotchas
    • if full flashing using ./flash.sh, update channel will be set to default. use the change-channel.sh script to update after flashing. (note, tw flash tool fixes this automatically)
    • to get root access on production builds, you will need to swap boot.img from v180, and run flash.sh. or just use -eng builds for Root access builds.
      • [Brian] Follow up this with TAM and partner
  • [jlorenzo] Bugzilla: Who does handle the [lead-review+] done by Jason after [QAnalyst-Triage+] ?
  • [Joshua_M] How are Gonk Changes Implemented / Is there a process to get a Gonk change regression window - namely is there a link to pull a gonk push-log?
  • [njpark] during the exploratory testing, attention should be paid to memory pressure situation (i.e. running an app with several apps in the background)
  • [marcia] Trunk only: Screenshot trigger changed -> since bug 1031560 has landed you now have to hold both volume down and the power button for 750ms before one is taken.
  • [marcia] Asa asked about the fact that 2.1 builds are not on the public ftp (Master and 2.0

Flame builds are) -> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox_OS/Developer_phone_guide/Flame#Updating_your_Flame%27s_software

  • [Kevin] outdated tag on moztrap. Please help fix the tests that kevin sends out to the team

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • Marcia - email cmills about adding the missing 2.1 section on MDN

This Week Notes