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/* For 01/14/2015 (PST)



  • Tony [Jan 10+]
  • nhirata [Feb 13]
  • brhuang [Jan 23 - Feb 1]
  • US Holiday on Jan 19th
    • Need help with 3.0 (master/central) smoketest on Jan 19th => Eric to help with that

2.2 Milestone

2015/02/23 v2.2 FL 2015/01/15 v2.2 Branch, b2g37_v2_2 available on PVT now

2.2 Feature work

  • Privacy (Gerry)
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste (Gerry, Edward, Teri, Eric)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: will check
    • Details: WIP
  • NFC (Alison)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 90%
    • Details: WIP
  • Rocketbar refactor & search suggestion based on provider (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 90%
    • Details: WIP
  • App-grouping (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 75%
    • Details: WIP, UX spec update, need to verify
  • Task Manager (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100%
    • Details: WIP
  • L-porting (Hermes)
  • CAF bugs (Eric)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 66% done
    • Details: 3 WIP, 3 Resolved, FDN requires no-FDN-support SIM, unable to test, ask help from partner
  • TCL bugs (Alison, Eric)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100%
    • Details: 2 WIP, 1 Resolved,
    • STK bugs testing/verification needs to be pushed to partner
  • Bluetooth (Eric, Teri)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100% (Regression)
    • Details: 30% dependency bugs WIP, 70% Resolved, will perform regression and PTS
  • Metrics (Shing)
  • 256M RAM memory optimization for WFVGA, 5MP. (Teri)
  • http://mzl.la/1KLu7Ti Pending verifyme requests
    • We can leverage MGSEI for this part first. If the bugs has any issue, then QA team will help on that.
  • Unowned areas?
    • Better performance on Multicore (App startup time for core apps is comparable to Android

3.0 Smoketests

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Eric
  • Health Status: Green
    • Details: Running 42 case set, will check if we will start running the full set from today. Automation(non smoke) - checking with bebe if they are running on dsds or just single sim only, or both.


  • Tester:
  • Health Status:
  • Details:


  • Tester: Paul, Eric
  • Health Status: Yellow
  • Details: Trial run in these 2 weeks

3.0 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
    • Scope of Exploratory Test, Privacy Panel, Task Preview, App Grouping, Recent Landings
      • 30 bugs found


    • Bhavana to help here. Probably DT owned. Eric, will help follow-up with Gerry and get back.

2.2 Exploratory

  • Tester: MGSEI
    • Scope of exploratory test, current No-test list
      • Firefox Hello (Loop), RTL, Translation problem (L10N), Apps from Marketplace, Layout or functionality of Marketplace, Do not toggle anything from Developer menu, Test apps, Firefox Accounts, Find My Device..
    • [nhirata] talk to krupa about Marketplace testing


[eric][note] We are switching to v18D + full flash b2g37_v2_2 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1117859 Switched to v18D + full flashing with central [nhirata] Branch "Stable" and Dogfood Suite discussion (good, bad, how we should prep, what we should push back on, etc.). Exploratory Test Pathing for Dogfood Suite : similar to : https://drive.google.com/a/mozilla.com/#folders/0B_0LdM1CVycIOE1aMFUwM21DMEU https://drive.google.com/a/mozilla.com/file/d/0B_0LdM1CVycIMS1wbmZoQWFPMUE/view?usp=sharing

    • follow up email to qa

[nhirata] unconfirmed bugs

    • follow up email to qa

[nhirata] e.me : we're transitioning to an "enhanced" e.me server and then Mozilla will be standing up a server. We will need QAing at some point for both servers. No action required yet as the servers have not been stood up. [nhirata] Push bug being worked on; at some point, need to talk to tchung in regards to overlap coverage w/ services/push. [pragmatic] Eric, Daily smoke tests on b2g v2.2 do not include results from test automation. Are automated smoke tests being run? Or automated smoke test results are not being included in the email report? [pragmatic] FirefoxOS QA Calendar now public. Please subscribe from Google Calendar: In Google Calendar, go to Other calendars > Browse Interesting Calendars > More > Resources for mozilla.com > Public (9) > Public - FxOS QA Schedule > Subscribe https://www.google.com/calendar/render?tab=cc#j%7Cother People with permissions to make changes and create events: tchung, nhirata, geo, pragmatic. Who else needs permissions? (delphine to add future loc runs there) [pragmatic] Bug Bash on Jan 22 to focus on Task Manager, App Grouping and Privacy Panel features. Locations: Taipei, Paris, Mountain View, San Francisco. Duration: 2 hours. [njpark] No-Jun gave out 3 Flame devices to community members in South Korea yesterday Jan 13.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

[eric] Taipei team to run smoke tests on 3.0 (master/central) on Jan 19th [Bhavana] Investigate who owns Privacy Panel (QA/Developer) [Gerry] Check on privacy verifyme bugs http://mzl.la/1KLzku8 [nhirata] talk to krupa about marketplace testing [nhirata] followup emails about dogfood branch + unconfirmed bugs