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Status Highlights

[eric] Vidyo Room: QA Vidyo Room is gone, which one you guys are in right now? https://v.mozilla.com/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=0HHQN7SSNIkAxuJq04fq7uZk6J8

2.1 Overall blockers

2.2 Release Update

2.2 Feature work

  • Privacy (Gerry)
  • Bhavana to help get assignee here from DT
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste (Gerry, Edward, Teri, Eric)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 80%
    • Details: WIP, bug bash on copy/paste this Friday in Taipei
  • NFC (Alison)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100%
    • Details: WIP
  • Rocketbar refactor & search suggestion based on provider (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 90%
    • Details: WIP, (De-scoped: Bug 1053747 Expand/collapse Rocketbar on home screen)
  • App-grouping (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 95%
    • Details: WIP
  • Task Manager (Hermes)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 95%
    • Details: WIP
  • L-porting (Hermes)
    • Health: RED
    • Details:
      • L build still failed, so use build with workaround (Bug 1119980)
      • A initial test: Most of components work (e.g.: WIFI, RIL, Camera, Video, and BT) Will perform more tests.
  • CAF bugs (Eric)
    • Health: Yellow
    • Test case coverage: 66%
    • Details: bug 1020757 no FDN sim, checked with TEF, they don't have that type of SIM either, I will do regression for this bug; bug 1016807: stk icon, TEF implements this, but they suggest CAF maybe can help.. will check

[Mike lee]

  • TCL bugs (Alison, Eric)
  • Bluetooth (Eric, Teri)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100% Regression
    • Details: Some problem with building, but manually change binary component is okay, will wait for stable & official build from pvt.
  • Metrics (Shing)
    • Health: Yellow
    • Test case coverage:50%
    • Details: 1 Backed out
    • follow up with Kevin Hu
  • 256M RAM memory optimization for WFVGA, 5MP. (Teri)
    • Health: Green?
    • Test case coverage: Cancelled
    • Details: Code backed out due to bug 1122119 white screen

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1082290 ?

Stability MTBF

  • Tester: Alison
  • Health Status:
  • Details: Studying and setting up on flame-kk, not ready for report yet. Will try to run regularly after FL.

2.1 Smoketests

  • Tester:
  • Health Status:
  • Details:

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Eric
  • Health Status: Green
  • Details: 5 Greens in a row; bug there is a bug 1122119 white screen issue.. another OTA issue from Peter; Gerry and I will follow 1124451 up

3.0 Smoketests



   Productivity - Teri, Edward
   Media - No-Jun
   System Front End - Naoki, Parul, Hermes
   Communications - Johan,  Eric
   Performance - Geo
   Telephony/Networking/Connectivity - Eric, Alison 
   System Platform - Gerry, Hermes
   Multimedia Platform
   Bluetooth - teri (Alison and Eric used to own this, we are transferring that to teri
   MTP/UMS - Alison
   Stability - Naoki ( non MTBF / Crashstats )
   Misc/HW/Gonk - Naoki, Hermes
  • [bajaj] Organize a session on backing out commits that break master (smoketest blockers) from build sheriff (e.g. RyanVM)
   [Brian] Do we need to apply for all branches? [yes] Good suggestion to control the code quality.
   Lets focus on 2.2 and 3.0 for now to start with
   Brian to discuss with Josh and members to come out the plan or actions

This Week - Decisions & Action Items