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Vacation plan

  • nhirata : 2/13 PTO
  • Eric 2/16, 2/17
  • Hermes 2/17 half day
  • Chinese New Year 02/18~02/23 (Taipei office is closed)
  • Marigold Chinese New Year: 02/18-02/25
  • Taiwan Peace memorial day 2015/02/28 on Saturday (so we the have the adjustment day off on Friday 2/27) http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/taiwan/
  • US Holiday Mon, February 16 (Presidents' Day) (Also Holiday in Toronto, Canada)
  • v2.2 Feature Landing 2/23

2.2 Feature work

  • CAF bugs (Eric)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100%
    • Details: Regression running
  • TCL bugs (Alison, Eric)
  • Bluetooth (Eric, Teri)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: 100%
    • Details:
    • BT team test in progress
    • QA testing start on 3/2
  • Metrics (Shing)
    • Health: Red
    • Test case coverage: 20%
    • Details:
      • 1 WIP: 1109422
      • 4 NEW coming: 1037495, 1119009, 1021173, 1126524
  • 256M RAM memory optimization for WFVGA, 5MP. (Teri)
    • Health: Green
    • Test case coverage: WIP
    • Details:
    • Code landed on mozilla-central, to be landed on V2.2
      • its landed on 2.2 as well
    • Identify testing scope with RD
  • Multicore performance (Edward)
    • Health:
    • Test case coverage:
    • Better performance on Multicore (App startup time for core apps is comparable to Android
      • When and how can we get performance numbers (app launch latency times) for 2.2 using raptor ?

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Marigold
  • Health Status: Green

2.2 Stability

  • Tester: Alison, Paul
  • Health Status: None
  • Details: Setting up with nexus-L, wait for v2.2 build ready and stabilized


  • Tester: Delphine/Localizers
  • Health Status: Green
  • Details: Zarro Boogs

3.0 Smoketests

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
  • Health Status: Yellow, All passing for 3/5 days needed for Green
  • Details: No blockers, 4 severe issues

3.0 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
  • Health Status: Red
  • Details: 35 total, 11 Nominations/Blockers

Last Week - Decisions & Action Items

  •  :bajaj to help send an email back to dave huseby about Privacy
    • [bajaj] done and its moving
  • Firefox Account and Marketplace: Loop Delphine with the mail from Catalin
  • Josh send mail to EPMs with RTL bugs no owner
  • Alison follows up on TCL bugs
  • Naoki, Bajaj, Eric follow up on https://bugzil.la/1121045 [b2g] we need root access on the b2g builds ( 3.0 & 2.2) for flame-kk
    • [bajaj] Also done :) naoki spoke to fabrice
  • [pragmatic, PBylenga] Help Taipei team with v2.2 smoke & automation during their holiday
  • Path for escalate major issues : Johan to help propose something
    • [jlorenzo] https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Smoke_Tests#Escalation_Strategy Thanks for the notes Parul!
    • In this regard [backout-needed] was a bit misunderstood by devs. Some of them were waiting for a sheriff to do it. We may need to change the whiteboard tag then. How about: [backout-asap]? [backout-required]? [backout-mandatory]? [backout-red-alert]?


This Week - Decisions & Action Items

AI : taipei QA team to help send the final update on status of L 2.2 before going off for holidays AI: edchen *** When and how can we get performance numbers (app launch latency times) for 2.2 ? AI : Brian to help with https://bugzil.la/1130035 2/20/2015 Stand up action items [AI] Create a checklist of things to ask to contributors when they file bugs (like, "Are you on the latest build?") [AI] Dogfood suite: How much time do we want a dogfood blocker to be fixed? PBylenga proposed 72 hours (for the next dogfood run). bajaj, do you think it's worth it to make this time committed to the next drivers-meeting?