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x/* For 2015/2/11


Vacation plan

2.2 Feature work

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Marigold, Eric
  • Health Status: Red, 3 blockers
    • Bug - [Clock] App opens to blank interface - Just uplifted, will check
    • Bug 1133446 - [v2.2][Email] No new email notification - Uplifted, but still having issue
    • Bug 1134445 - [FTU] About Firefox OS page has "Yes! Send data." checked primarily

2.2 Stability

  • Tester: Alison
  • Health Status: Red
  • Details:
    • Jenkins job for Nexus-5-L-2.2 is ready.
    • Test cases easily failed


3.0 Smoketests

  • Tester: Peter
  • Health Status: Yellow 4/5 days for Green status
  • Details: No new blockers
    • Bug 1134445 - [FTU] About Firefox OS page has "Yes! Send data." checked primarily

3.0 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter
  • Health Status: Red
  • Details: 54 bugs written, 14 blockers/nominations, 21 RTL issues


Last Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • AI : taipei QA team to help send the final update on status of L 2.2 before going off for holidays
  • AI: edchen *** When and how can we get performance numbers (app launch latency times) for 2.2 ?
  • AI : Brian to help with https://bugzil.la/1130035

2/20/2015 Stand up action items

  • [AI] Create a checklist of things to ask to contributors when they file bugs (like, "Are you on the latest build?")
  • [AI] Dogfood suite: How much time do we want a dogfood blocker to be fixed? PBylenga proposed 72 hours (for the next dogfood run). bajaj, do you think it's worth it to make this time committed to the next drivers-meeting?

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [eric] Thanks for the help of V2.2 during CNY.
  • [eric] Nexus 5 V2.2 is ready, we will try to run manual smoke test today, and see when do we start daily test; For automation, we have 50% fail rate, lots of the errors are keyboard related, lots of timeout.
  • [eric] Flame-L & Flame-KK are the platforms for V2.2, nexus-5-L is a temp replacement, with nexus-5, DSDS tests will be skipped, video recording skipped, some issues only happened on 319MB will be hidden. https://etherpad.mozilla.org/nexus-5-l-testing
  • [nhirata] if you have any SIMs within the hold list please let nhirata and Ann Ignacio <aignacio@mozilla.com> know via email: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/spreadsheets/d/12f1oS7_aSmUZjPNHoJMzP9_kfSv8U7xU__duUUNLizI/edit#gid=850241270
    • note you have one day to comply else the SIMs in the hold list will get deactivated.
  • [nhirata] flash script ( the one that comes with the nexus build) + flash_pvt script needs updating. Is someone taking point on that? Or should I?
  • [pragmatic] Smoke Test wiki - looking for feedback: https://wiki.mozilla.org/B2G/QA/Smoke_Tests
  • [nhirata] geolocation testing for dolphin blocked by CA.
  • [nhirata] push notification for MWC builds will be handled by mwu. (flame only); March 2-5, 2015

[bajaj] WoMoz (Women of Mozilla) event Feb 21 - 22, 2015 India https://etherpad.mozilla.org/b2g-qa-bug-bash-2015-02 https://twitter.com/Nidhiya_V_Raj/status/569401240674701315 https://twitter.com/Nidhiya_V_Raj/status/569400133760126976 https://twitter.com/Nidhiya_V_Raj/status/569396695240286208 (Flappy Bird app written during session) [bajaj] Working remote from India : Feb 23rd(Mon) to Feb27th(Fri) Travel day to Taipei March 2nd(Monday) Working from Taipei - Mar3rd(Tue) to 6th (Fri) Flying out from Taipei on Feb 7th (Sat)