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// For 2015/03/18


Vacation plan

   Delphine works in South Africa for FxOS l10n events + SA FxOS launch: from March 22-April 6th. Working on different time zone. You may address any urgent RTL issues to Parul

2.2 Feature work

               Completed basic testing on BT APIv2 - 2 bugs
  • Metrics (Shing)
  • 256M RAM memory optimization for WFVGA, 5MP. (Teri)
    • Health: Green
    • Details: In progress, no blocker
  • Multicore performance (Edward)
    • Health:
    • Details:

bisect result: http://bit.ly/1MGOa59

2.2 Smoketests

2.2 Full run

2.2 Stability

  • Tester: Paul, Alison
  • Health Status: Red
  • Details:
    • https://bugzil.la/1141418 Bug 1141418 - After 9 hours running, marionette server response incorrectly
    • https://bugzil.la/1141962 Bug 1141962 - [MTBF][Nexus5-L] MTBF testing aborted and found lots of "E MP-Decision: Error 1 setting online status to 1 forcpuX" error in logcat
    • N5L only https://bugzil.la/1144033 [Bug 1144033] [Nexus-5][gonk-l] Device stayed at Firefox OS screen and cannot boot up to home

CAF's result are failing:



  • Tester: Delphine, localizers
  • Health Status: green
  • Details: 1 late-l10n blocker, patch got r+ed, needs to land

3.0 Smoketests

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
  • Health Status: Red (3-13-2015 Friday was last passing)
  • Details: 1 New Blocker

3.0 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
  • Health Status: Red
  • Details: 48 bugs, 12 nominations and blockers, 6 RTL


  • [Pbylenga] Discuss pointing to last known good build for OTA's instead of only disabling OTA's.
    •  :bajaj am favour of this and njpark mentioned we can do this :)
  • [KTucker] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1116732 - The regression window is correct. We have confirmed this by 3 testers. We have 100% steps and we are uploading a video on how to reproduce this.
  • [eric] Flame-L will be late, not sure what do we do for signing off L porting & related bugs
  • [nhirata] to be getting level 3 commit access soon; will be working on smoke test blockers.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items