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// For 2015/03/25


Vacation plan

   Taiwan holidays (Women’s and Children’s Day and Tomb sweeping day) - April 3, April 6(v2.2 FC)
   4-day long weekend
   Need help with v2.2 automation report on Fri April 3 for b2g 2.2
   French holiday on Mon April 6th too. ( Easter Monday / Lundi de Pâques )
   China holidays - Mon April 6 (marigold)
   Delphine works in South Africa for FxOS l10n events + SA FxOS launch: from March 22-April 6th. Working on different time zone. You may address any urgent RTL issues to Parul. For urgent l10n issues, please reach to l10n-drivers@mozilla.org
   Eric, Brian, Josh have the biz trip in China (3/31 to 4/2) Marigold
   Workflow of bugs/issues ( Regression window, QA 101, etc... ) 
   L10n test strategy
   Performance test and measurement
   Device testing
   Automation review
   Documentation review ( Test reports, HR, etc... ) 
   Brian PTO (4/7 to 4/12)
   Paul PTO (4/6 ~ 4/21)

2.2 Feature work


    • 2 BT blocker

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1144610 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1144604

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Marigold, Eric
    • Health Status: Green
    • Details: Flame-KK
      • Current errors are from automation scripts, Edward is taking care of those.
  • Tester: Marigold, Gerry
    • Health Status: Green
    • Details: Nexus-5-l
      • Pass except for OTA, FM, DSDS & Video

2.2 Full run

  • Tester: Marigold, Eric
    • Details: Flame-KK, Full test - 85% done, bugs are in each component list, will finish soon.
    • Details: Nexus-5-L
      • NEXUS-5-L - Regression test [done][for 3 wks] bug http://mzl.la/18T1AMy - will start another round next week

2.2 Stability

  • Tester: Paul, Alison
    • Health Status: red
    • Details:

flame-kk: 18.33 hours nexus-L: about 10 hours

  • Bug 1141962 - devices disconnected in both flame-kk and nexus-L; randomly rebooting while executing.
  • Power consumption can't be supplied by usb
  • Bug 1146861, Bug 1145015 - two crash bugs found

flame-kk v2.2 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1euwhyStKtg3yPy2D5rxuBndadGwKny8QI-YFb_FpyPI/edit?usp=sharing nexus-L v2.2 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zwy65eTWah7_3GWG7WI8fCNYxinxh26g_rlGXYchg7g/edit?usp=sharing


3.0 Smoketests

3.0 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
    • Health Status: Red
    • Details: 55 bugs, 12 blockers/nominations


[Shing] New version of MozTrap UI! Try it:http://shinglyu.github.io/moztrap-new-ui/#/

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

[PBylenga/KTucker] email out automation report on Fri April 3 for b2g v2.2 http://mozilla-twqa.github.io/Gaiatest-Reports/2015/index.html [eric] new milestone for lollipop? to:qa-b2g-internal [eric] http://mzl.la/18T1AMy check if there is any bug without activity, ni those to kkuo