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// For 2015/07/02


Off plan

   QAnalysts Off July 3rd, need smoketest coverage for this date (Taipei to assist?)
   Flame KK Master Automation and Smoketest
   Spark Master Smoketest
   => Taipei can allocate a resource to take care of it
   [hermesc] support master manual smoketest only?

   nhirata -  Aug 11.
   Hermes - Oct. 12-16
   Al - Oct. 16-21
   Josh, Al, William, Teri - Jul 13-16. Marigold visit.

POST 2.2 Feature work

  • Z3C porting status (Hermes)
    • config/manifest is almost ready for master
      • Need to identify a developer to check config status

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Marigold (Hermes)
    • Health Status: Green

2.5 Flame Smoketests

=== 2.5 Spark Smoketests ===
* Tester: Peter Bylenga
    • Health Status: Red

2.5 Exploratory

  • Tester: Peter Bylenga
    • Health Status: 38 issues found, 11 blockers


  • Moving to 6 weeks trains for Gaia (like Gecko)
    • What would it change for QA? Which branches will we test against (master+aurora?)?

// TW/EU discussion

    • Same timeline between gecko and gaia.
    • First proposal (need to think a bit more about it):
      • Smoketests only on master?
      • Smoketests + feature testing + verifications on aurora?
      • Verifications only on beta? + L10n testing?
  • [jlorenzo] Follow up on L10n: On Firefox, string freeze is when you switch to Aurora. Some locales have their strings localized at that point, but not every one. So any missing string can be spotted with these early locales and we can get a fix on aurora before it reaches beta. Locales themselves can be tested on beta.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • v2.2 r
    • [atsai] figure out what's the schedule for v2.2r with Josh
    • [pallavi] daily triage starts today
    • coverage of Z3C bugs