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Off plan

   nhirata -  Aug 11.
   Hermes - Oct. 12-16
   Al - Oct. 16-21
   Josh, Al, William, Teri - Jul 13-16. Marigold visit.
   Johan: Sep 14-27
   Gerry - Oct. 6~27
   Delphine: l10n event in Lima from Thursday July 9th - Mon 13th included --- slow to respond
   Mike - Aug. 10-14

POST 2.2 Feature work

2.2 Smoketests

  • Tester: Marigold (Hermes)
    • Health Status: Green

2.5 Flame Smoketests

  • Tester: QAnalysts (Peter)

2.5 Spark/Aries-KK Smoketests

  • Tester: QAnalysts (Peter)

2.5 Exploratory


  • Webmaker update?
  • Stagnant Issues for 2.5? http://mzl.la/1I3JmbD 399 issues untouched in a week that are not being tracked via keywords, blocking-b2g, tracking-b2g, blocking metas, etc.
  • Add Aries environment to Moztrap?
    • Aries, Aries-L, Flame-L should now be in moztrap :
  • Include Dual Sim cases?
    • AI: nhirata to look into DSDS and whether we are maintaining.
  • https://bugzil.la/1184161 Sanity blocker with Camera today
  • 6-week release train. No decision made in the release drivers meeting. Apparently we'll have to move to this model anyway.

Hackability - Hermes Help/Onboarding -?? Nojun/Naoki Personal - Hermes/Teri Direct Contributor Updates - Naoki Privacy - Alison Device performance/Metrics

   Bug 1180695/1180696 - Mike
   Bug 1180699/1180701 - Gerry
   Bug 1167167 - William
   Bug 1180703/1180705 ?

Local configuration - William. This feature is inherited from RTL. Architecture Evolution: Johan to lead. Devices Support - ??

Legacy: https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/FeatureTesting

Suggested Moztrap Test Case writing: 1) write wiki for a bulk of setup steps 2) write title to be able to have test and expected - write it so advanced testers can just run it 3) write step by step for beginners/new comers

AI : Please make sure to have explicit date for string freeze in the graph. Delphine to follow up with Candice.

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

   Currently collecting  information to update existing websites for new hires/newcomers
       Please review them and make comments as you see fit
       Do we have the latest QA team photo from Whistler workweek?