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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.


  • Naoki
  • No-Jun
  • Otilia
  • Peter Bylenga
  • Johan
  • Vio
  • Bebe
  • Robert
  • Geo
  • Martijn
  • Oliver Nelson

Previous Action Items

  • [DROPPED] [Tony] Hold off on adding extra SIMs for now, and only keep it on b2g-22.1 for testing. This device has been isolated from the grid from the general pool of tests. Tony will also look into expanding if we can add other flames for dsds coverage
  • [CARRY OVER] [Tony] Talk to TwQA today about reaching out for 2.1 on device smoketests
    • Softvision is waiting for a go to stop the automation on 2.1. you can stop.
    • New tests on master
    • Work in progress, uplift to 2.1 as a judgment call (verify with Tony)

Status Highlights

  • 2.2 is a go (master)


US/EU Holidays: Christmas Eve - December 24 Christmas Day - December 25 New Year's Day - January 1

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [Geo] best practices page for reviews
    • PEP8
    • WebQA style guide
    • Overall hg/Mozilla standards
    • Correctness
    • Clarity
    • Won't pass by mistake, fails loudly
    • How to do commit messages, squashes, PRs, etc.
    • Putting initial testing in patch comments
    • When to run locally on review

12/18 agenda