B2G/QA/Woodduck tracking/2014-08-25WeeklyReport

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Next week

Health Status

  • Yellow
   QA would not ship yet because the test is still running, and some functions still are not stable (see following highlight issues list).


  • Highlight issues
 - [Bug 1036800]  [woodduck] Camera app crashes after press 'home' while previewing.
 - [Bug 1053019]  [woodduck] USB Vendor ID is incorrect
 - [Bug 1053272]  [woodduck] Create woodduck builds for 2.0
 - [Bug 1053691]  [woodduck] Users cannot erase their device remotely from the Find My Device website
 - [Bug 1054182]  [woodduck] Factory reset does not work
 - [Bug 1054198]  [woodduck] Vibration does not work
 - [Bug 1055400]  [woodduck] File could not be sent and received via Bluetooth
 - [Bug 1055462]  [woodduck] Serious color distortion happened when plays WebRTC
 - [Bug 1057172]  [woodduck] cannot seek H264 video
 - [Bug 1057947]  [woodduck] Phone radio connection will disconnect automatically

QA Testing

  • Task assignment
    • Device QA: Smoke test, RAT testing, combination testing, exploratory testing, and quality test
  • Test progress
   1st test run (Due date: 8/29): 39%