B2G/QA/Woodduck tracking/2014-09-15WeeklyReport

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Highlight Items

  • Many features have crash issues. The solution is ready, but it doesn't uplift to 2.0M yet. QA will verify them while the solution is uplifted to 2.0M. (Please see #1046525 for solution information)
  • We have to modify the configuration of partner part manually to generate build, such as "Enable SIM2". The correct configuration should be included while partner release the code to us.
  • Woodduck project build is not existed in PVT server yet, and currently we generate the build in local computer. We need PVT server to generate the formal build for internal use.


  • Highlight issues
 - [Bug 1053019]  [woodduck] USB Vendor ID is incorrect
 - [Bug 1053272]  [woodduck] Create woodduck builds for 2.0
 - [Bug 1053691]  [woodduck] Users cannot erase their device remotely from the Find My Device website
 - [Bug 1055400]  [woodduck] File could not be sent and received via Bluetooth
 - [Bug 1055462]  [woodduck] Serious color distortion happened when plays WebRTC
 - [Bug 1061244]  [woodduck] Will have annoying noise suddenly.
 - [Bug 1063440]  [woodduck][Camera] Front camera shows flash icon.
 - [Bug 1064801]  [woodduck] Strange SSID "NVRAM WARNING..." shows in available networks list
 - [Bug 1064812]  [woodduck] Video app crashes
 - [Bug 1066693]  [woodduck] Strange SSID "NVRAM WARNING..." shows in available networks list
 - [Bug 1066706]  [woodduck] Message application crashes when device receive one SMS in thread page.
 - [Bug 1067241]  [woodduck] Crash happened while user tries to modify alerts ring tone in settings
 - [Bug 1067246]  [woodduck] Camera crashed while user tries to launch it.

QA Testing

  • On-going task
    • 2nd test run is executing.
    • Smoke Test
    • Regression test
  • Pending test (Quality of most main features are not ready for executing following test)
    • Stability Test
    • Performance Test
  • Partner start to execute SQC since 2014/09/15