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  • Discuss encouraging BzAPI -> native REST API migration:
    • How much of an additional load are the inefficient BzAPI queries putting on BMO vs native REST API requests?
    • Is there a rough idea as to how what percentage of BzAPI requests are from the top X consumers? (Note: OrangeFactor/bzcache recently partially switched to native REST API, so logs prior to 2016-09-07 will show heavier BzAPI usage)
    • Is there a native REST API equivalent of ? (last piece for bz.js transition)
    • Is the BzAPI compatibility layer going to be EOLed at some point?
  • Brainstorm additional API best-practices that could be added to BMO/Integration_Best_Practice, as part of bug 1302392.
  • [mcote] Follow up on setting Pending - High Priority to include items of any priority.
    • dkl to do this this week.
  • [mcote] ES for bugzilla-dev (bug 1286065). When can we have this?
    • dylan to update infra bugs with details, including minimum memory size and ES version.