BMO/Recent Changes/2012-08

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  • bug 785219 Secure bugmail no longer includes subject of bug
  • bug 785800 release tracking flag refresh (18)
  • bug 786167 various "Use of uninitialized value" warnings
  • bug 785308 diagnostic logging for HTML emails sometimes giving empty emails
  • bug 785309 Profanivore is throwing "ascii "\xB4" does not map to Unicode" errors
  • bug 726353 Add a default requestee to flags (schema changes only, implementation code to land soon)
  • bug 785917 Custom field descriptions are not properly escaped when displayed as bug list column headers


  • bug 783300 Create New Product For Website called "" & Move Existing Bugs
  • bug 781514 Better fix for "when loading a bug with IE all <select> fields are selecting the first item"
  • bug 775275 Port HTML email support from Bugzilla 4.2 to BMO 4.0


  • bug 560465 provide an easy way for researchers to learn about how to get access to a limited copy of
  • bug 782330 Whine emails show the summary of security sensitive bugs
  • bug 783317 Fix interdiff breakage


  • bug 779434 refreshing a page does not update fields
  • bug 779862 shift patchreader to a bugzilla namespace module and fix long standing issues
  • bug 778971 A watched component doesn't show up in my Component Watching preferences pane
  • bug 778631 use a persistent Template::Provider to avoid recompiling templates between page loads on mod_perl
  • bug 780849 incorrect auto-linkification of full CVE urls in comments
  • bug 765842 creation of a Finance product and custom bug entry form


  • bug 776897 Highlight trailing whitespace on lines in Splinter
  • bug 757698 update moco-ldap-check to run on a bmo admin server and generate a report for desktop support
  • bug 779472 Changes in swag request form
  • bug 779475 Changes in budget request form