BMO/Recent Changes/2012-09

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  • bug 791000 Orange Factor integration should only pull data from trunk
  • bug 778731 Add NEEDINFO flag
  • bug 792007 Make Profanivore case insensitive
  • bug 791989 FlagDefaultRequestee link shouldn't be visible if a default requestee has not be specified


  • bug 789066 OrangeFactor data should represent past week
  • bug 671612 Send "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" with every response
  • bug 680771 Send X-XSS-Protection header for XSS prevention/blocking
  • bug 788933 Secure HTML bugmail is missing bug summary / subject
  • bug 789489 Referenced bugs section in html bugmail has a weird URL inside it
  • bug 789873 RequestWhiner doesn't respect SecureMail settings for "Outstanding Requests" mail
  • bug 786824 Script for field changes for the "Mozilla Developer Network" product
  • bug 790215 Flag names are not properly escaped when displayed on confirm user match page


  • bug 786691 Do not display the (more flags) link to logged out users as they cannot set any flag
  • bug 785470 Missing escaping of the username can lead to LDAP injection
  • bug 788013 Wrong redirection to Upgrade Permissions in Not allowed error
  • bug 773327 Add a new footer to bugmail content that shows current tracking flag values
  • bug 784578 Change whine emails from hiding secure bug information to encrypting the mail
  • bug 675171 standardize font weight for field labels
  • bug 69447 Make CC changes not cause midairs
  • bug 749540 frequent database deadlocks when deleting recent searches
  • bug 788370 Change cf_locale field visibility from using bugzilla's native controls to BMO extension's
  • bug 726353 Add a default requestee to flags
  • bug 706680 Integrate the orange factor link and graph with BMO's bug view page
  • bug 788649 Add email header for OS (X-Bugzilla-OS)
  • bug 788934 HTML bugmail shows wrong bug number for dependency