BMO/Recent Changes/2012-10

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  • bug 798271 Create the L20n product
  • bug 799257 Backport and to bmo/4.0 and bmo/4.2 for performance improvement
  • bug 798367 The element focused after pressing in a comment box should be the "submit comment" button.
  • bug 800691 for Thunderbird product, change guided bug entry form default component to Untriaged
  • bug 795980 Changes in REMO budget request form


  • bug 797872 Grammatical mistake on Instant Search
  • bug 799005 release tracking flag refresh (19)
  • bug 797934 Create a new bugzilla product for Metro Firefox
  • bug 799545 Need status-firefox-n flags for boot2gecko product
  • bug 757935 Bugs with resolution MOVED cannot be edited
  • bug 790909 Editing dependencies from the "Change Several Bugs at Once" page does not work as expected (bug IDs are incorrectly parsed)
  • bug 764459 Bug submission form: Privacy > Data release proposal


  • bug 677081 Private comments should remain visible by their author
  • bug 791137 Last line of last file is not shown in Splinter if there is no newline at the end of the patch
  • bug 783091 Missing links when there are multiple 'review?(foo)' shown in attachment box on show_bug.cgi
  • bug 786532 Modified clicks on email links are intercepted
  • bug 794080 guided bug entry throws a "cannot focus invisible element" error on IE8
  • bug 796043 Inline history eats your comment if you quote a duplicated bug
  • bug 797376 On editparams.cgi, spelling mistake in Splinter Patch Review section
  • bug 790697 Profanivore causes broken HTML main by creating very long lines
  • bug 713796 "Reset Assignee to default" and "Reset QA Contact to default" should only be checked when the assignee/qa-contact is the default
  • bug 264721 create READY state for bugs which have enough info/testcases to start work