BMO/Recent Changes/2012-11

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  • bug 791035 Cookie lifetime should extend beyond session when authenticated via Persona login
  • bug 812959 Add text to the enter_bug page when the Bugzilla product is selected referring to the product for site-specific issues
  • bug 812912 Clarify whether P1 is higher priority than P5 or vice-verse
  • bug 813861 needinfo is sending duplicate request emails when the flag is cleared
  • bug 791709 Update bugzilla OrangeFactor extension to use keywords=intermittent-failure rather than whiteboard=[orange]
  • bug 814574 script should validate flags
  • bug 815112 Bug history mis-states which field was changed after script mass changed whiteboard=[orange] to keyword
  • bug 814411 Add a caching mechanism to Bugzilla::Object to avoid querying the database repeatedly for the same information


  • bug 813189 Missing
  • tag prior to "Data for Researchers" link
  • bug 812155 release tracking flag refresh (20)
  • bug 812420 When creating a needinfo request and a comment at the same time, comment is added twice


  • bug 791758 Preparation for mass change from whiteboard '[orange]' to keyword 'intermittent-failure'
  • bug 810870 Auto-cc should work for needinfo requests as it does for review requests
  • bug 625194 Preparation for setting the QA contact for all bugs in the Bugzilla product to default-qa@bugzilla.bugs
  • bug 731178 field-events.js.tmpl discloses product and component names that the user is not allowed to see
  • bug 802204 Marking an attachment you cannot see as obsolete can disclose its description
  • bug 781850 Do not leak the existence of groups when using User.get()
  • bug 808845 Security vulnerability in YUI's swfstore.swf in YUI 2.8.2 and 2.9.0
  • bug 589322 Roll out bugzilla-push extension on bmo
  • bug 809195 Put up notice that MoLegal form is deprecated in favour of project-review form
  • bug 804978 The BzAPI extension let everybody see all confidential product names when classifications are enabled
  • bug 809198 Enable multiple needinfo flags on a single bug



  • bug 803600 Operator's email address is exposed to anons on attachment deletion
  • bug 803058 add a shortcut to quicksearch to enable or disable comment searching for that query
  • bug 803545 Should be able to enter partial needinfo flag requestee
  • bug 781336 When attaching a file if a desired reviewer is not allowed to see the bug, review request goes through without any warning
  • bug 800509 Add an X-Bugzilla-Resolution header in bugmail
  • bug 805656 IT request form button doesn't go to Service Now
  • bug 805890 Needinfo should be possible on some closed bugs
  • bug 787478 Create Custom Entry Form for Data Safety/Legal/Security/Privacy Assurance Bugs