BMO/Recent Changes/2013-01

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  • bug 833369 Create a Documentation Request bugzilla form
  • bug 835351 timezones in html bugmail are the changer's timezone, not the recipient's
  • bug 835461 No longer able to enter partial needinfo flag requestee
  • bug 835494 Change to Bug form "form.doc" for developer doc requests: add a "Technical Contact" field
  • bug 835212 (Project Request Form) Add additional comment on parent bug listing the bug ids and summaries for child bug reports
  • bug 836382 Add groups to Snippets product and fix default security group


  • bug 829462 Archive chat component to graveyard
  • bug 831152 add a "visibility group" for the mozilla-corporation-confidential group
  • bug 771100 Unable to attach a file to a bug with perl 5.16.0
  • bug 828127 One user can needinfo multiple times from the same person
  • bug 832863 needinfo doesn't work if user confirmation is required
  • bug 812433 establish reports and processes for continued auditing of bugzilla security group membership
  • bug 833336 Needinfo tries to match the needinfo user even when you decided you didn't need info
  • bug 833662 Create new dupe_count column for buglist.cgi (not enabled by default) for displaying the number of duplicates for a bug
  • bug 834043 Disable the following ESR10 associated flags


  • bug 743927 BrowserID is included twice on each page
  • bug 830433 Disable blocking-basecamp on all bugs where it is not already set


  • bug 823570 Add a new "Developer Documentation" product to Bugzilla
  • bug 825828 if the connection to the database is lost, the push daemon terminates
  • bug 826296 Changes to Air Mozilla Event Request Form
  • bug 824616 The urlbase field in global/header.html.tmpl must be filtered
  • bug 826678 Disable warnings about the deprecated Return::Value module when loading Email::Send
  • bug 820183 BrowserID extension should allow custom configuration of browserid hostnames to use for verification
  • bug 823153 Duplicate bugs are created when requestee confirmation is required and SKIP_REQUESTEE_ON_ERROR is disabled
  • bug 827196 release tracking flag refresh (21)
  • bug 788775 Disable options on the IT request form (migrated to Service-Now)
  • bug 827455 has incorrect merge dates
  • bug 827808 set different values for Apache2::SizeLimit->set_max_unshared_size between production and non-production instances