BMO/Recent Changes/2013-02

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  • bug 843989 persona is unexpectedly logging people out
  • bug 843879 Project Kickoff Form: Several dependent bugs weren't created from form
  • bug 844863 Frequent deadlocks in TagNewUsers/ line 174 when TBPLbot comments on bugs


  • bug 837003 Privacy component changes.
  • bug 839969 Allow describekeywords.cgi in robots.txt
  • bug 839811 form.doc bug form: Can the summary look up possible duplicates?
  • bug 839970 sitemap extension needs to allow access to data/SiteMapIndex/sitemap* in robots.txt
  • bug 831770 Project Kickoff Form: Legal section - Change to "Business Objective"
  • bug 820936 Rename BrowserID extension to Persona
  • bug 771100 Unable to attach a file to a bug with perl 5.16.0
  • bug 842038 [SECURITY] XSS in show_bug.cgi when using an invalid page format
  • bug 824399 [SECURITY] build_subselect() leaks the existence of products and components you cannot access
  • bug 842651 Bump HSTS max-age to one year
  • bug 842545 release tracking flag refresh (22)
  • bug 825666 Update gear request bug form


  • bug 836136 Project Kickoff Form: Could we reorder the Urgency dropdown list?
  • bug 840279 please add -nokeys to the S/MIME export example
  • bug 831774 Project Kickoff Form: Legal section - Changes to SOW field
  • bug 840993 Improved error reporting when creating the master and dependent bugs for a project review
  • bug 836444 Project Kickoff Form: Legal needs more info in Project/Feature Name


  • bug 832031 Project Kickoff Form: Add "PO Needed?" when "<=$25,000" is selected under "Vendor Cost"
  • bug 836942 Please disable the blocking-kilimanjaro project flag
  • bug 837711 Doc request form: Add a link to the subject-matter experts page
  • bug 837944 Linkification for mozilla-inbound changesets broken
  • bug 838352 Change background color for "Private Infrastructure Security Bug"
  • bug 836213 log bugmail sent to the syslog
  • bug 784352 show a warning when interdiff reports errors
  • bug 832893 change to spawn worker processes to deliver bugmail to avoid memory leaks